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Let there be a plentiful supply of public prostitutes

says UK Catholic Bishop.

St Augustine on this issue
City of God Book II Chapter XX
Of the Kind of Happiness and Life Truly Delighted in by Those Who Inveigh Against the Christian Religion.
But the worshippers and admirers of these gods delight in imitating their scandalous iniquities, and are nowise concerned that the republic be less depraved and licentious. Only let it remain undefeated, they say, only let it flourish and abound in resources; let it be glorious by its victories, or still better, secure in peace; and what matters it to us? This is our concern, that every man be able to increase his wealth so as to supply his daily prodigalities, and so that the powerful may subject the weak for their own purposes. Let the poor court the rich for a living, and that under their protection they may enjoy a sluggish tranquillity; and let the rich abuse the poor as their dependants, to minister to their pride. Let the people applaud not those who protect their interests, but those who provide them with pleasure. Let no severe duty be commanded, no impurity forbidden. Let kings estimate their prosperity, not by the righteousness, but by the servility of their subjects. Let the provinces stand loyal to the kings, not as moral guides, but as lords of their possessions and purveyors of their pleasures; not with a hearty reverence, but a crooked and servile fear. Let the laws take cognizance rather of the injury done to another man's property, than of that done to one's own person. If a man be a nuisance to his neighbor, or injure his property, family, or person, let him be actionable; but in his own affairs let everyone with impunity do what he will in company with his own family, and with those who willingly join him. Let there be a plentiful supply of public prostitutes for every one who wishes to use them, but specially for those who are too poor to keep one for their private use. Let there be erected houses of the largest and most ornate description: in these let there be provided the most sumptuous banquets, where every one who pleases may, by day or night, play, drink, vomit, dissipate. Let there be everywhere heard the rustling of dancers, the loud, immodest laughter of the theatre; let a succession of the most cruel and the most voluptuous pleasures maintain a perpetual excitement. If such happiness is distasteful to any, let him be branded as a public enemy; and if any attempt to modify or put an end to it let him be silenced, banished, put an end to. Let these be reckoned the true gods, who procure for the people this condition of things, and preserve it when once possessed. Let them be worshipped as they wish; let them demand whatever games they please, from or with their own worshippers; only let them secure that such felicity be not imperilled by foe, plague, or disaster of any kind. What sane man would compare a republic such as this, I will not say to the Roman empire, but to the palace of Sardanapalus, the ancient king who was so abandoned to pleasures, that he caused it to be inscribed on his tomb, that now that he was dead, he possessed only those things which he had swallowed and consumed by his appetites while alive? If these men had such a king as this, who, while self-indulgent, should lay no severe restraint on them, they would more enthusiastically consecrate to him a temple and a flamen than the ancient Romans did to Romulus.

Schoenborn remembers the enormous guilt of Austria

Translation of original German article.

During a visit to the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Cardinal Schoenborn on Thursday morning remembered the "enormous guilt" of Austria and the Church in this country. "We stand here with great concern," said Schoenborn, on behalf of the 15 members of the Bishops' Conference, who have beem in the Holy Land since Sunday.

"We are here as bishops of the country, in which Adolf Hitler's insane ideas were learned," said the Archbishop of Vienna. It begs the question of where God was, "as women and children, and elderly men were sent to the gas chambers." Humans will never have a convincing answer and in the final analysis the question should be addressed to ourselves: "Where was man - and where humanity, as our brothers and sisters has such terrible things inflicted on them?" The Nazi era was a time of profound distance from God ". The era shows also the hell into which a 'world without God' can fall.

The Avenue of the Righteous Among the Nations at Yad Vashem shows amid a sea of failure and guilt a light of hope. It tells us: Even in the darkness of the Shoah, there were people - even Christians who opposed the bestiality . Even though in this Avenue in a number of Austrian names are listed - it was too few, far too few righteous, "said the cardinal.

(Still in my possession is a piece of paper excusing my wife's first husband from washing pavements as he was a senior doctor. It would have been worthless in the event that he had been in the wrong place at the wrong time).

The Archbishop also recalled that the visit to Yad Vashem took place on the eve of the commemoration of the November of the year 1938. This memorial in Jerusalem shows the full extent of "what already become clear in that terrible night of fire and murder and what was able to develop to incalculable levels because of human weakness, cowardice and fear.

The Cardinal is being unfair on his own Church. For the Feast of the Most Holy Rosary in October 1938, the then Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna said this, having realised his epic mistake of welcoming the Anschluss.
"Meine liebe katholische Jugend Wiens, wir wollen gerade jetzt in dieser Zeit umso fester und standhafter unseren Glauben bekennen, uns zu Christus bekennen, unserem Führer, unserem König und zu seiner Kirche."

"My dear Catholic Youth of Vienna, we want right now at this time, more firmly and staunchly to profess our faith, we are committed to Christ, our leader, our king and to his Church."

Calling Jesus Christ, the Führer got the Palace of the Archbishop trashed by Hitler Youth 24 hours later.

Cardinal Innitzer in 1933

"Greater hatred between brothers is the result of taking leave of God."

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Christ no longer crucified but flying in Singapore.


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Horror Story


Archbishop of Westminster on Summorum Pontificum

Celebration around Fried egg altar


in the Parish of Langholzfeld of the 40th anniversary of the consecration of their Church. The parish council declared that they did not want the anniversary just to be a one off event.
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