Wednesday, May 11, 2005

View of St Peter's Church Rome

if Cardinal Danneels had been elected to the Papacy.

The ruins of the Catholic Church in Belgium.

Illustrated by a series of pictures taken at several antique dealers. Fortunate indeed that Cardinal Danneels did not become Pope. St Peters Church would have become a ruin like the Roman forum!
The entrance to one of the dealers Posted by Hello

The top of a spire and two pillars, with a sorrowing angel  Posted by Hello

During the "Reformation", there are accounts of the Churches being plundered for their stone. Posted by Hello

The arcade from a Church Posted by Hello

Church tower reduced to status of ornamental elephant. Posted by Hello

Another tower  Posted by Hello

And another Posted by Hello

A rose window Posted by Hello

Going inside- under the image of God the Father supported by two pagan statues Posted by Hello

Several pagan statues together with an incense burner once used for the Catholic Mass.  Posted by Hello

A tabernacle where once was reserved the Blessed Sacrament. Posted by Hello

And the orchestra plays on surrounded by chalices, ciboria and saints. Posted by Hello

Once born by acolytes, one now converted for domestic use. Posted by Hello

Bells that no longer call the Faithful to prayer. Posted by Hello

Stained glass which could have been replaced by some modern abstract design (which signifies nothing), or the glass has been taken from demolished Churches. Posted by Hello

Altar where once was made the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass destined to become a sideboard in someone's dining room. Posted by Hello

Our Lady of Montaigu and St Joseph pray for us! That the Church be rescued from destruction! Posted by Hello

Total meltdown of a Catholic Diocese

Catholic Diocese of St George's in Canada to be sold off!All of the Churches, all of the parish houses, all the missions to be sold! At least, they are not claiming that this is nothing to do with the abuse scandal.

History of DIocese of St George's