Monday, June 15, 2009

Illustration for article on Corpus Christi

In the Linz Diocesan Newspaper
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Second meeting with Pope planned for Austrian delegation

This will take place tomorrow after the one which took place today. Looks to Cathcon that examples of how not to proceed are to be made of Austria in general and Linz in particular. reports tonight that the notorious Corpus Christi procession in Linz has been a cause of irritation in Rome. In some parts of the curia, irritation is probably an understatement.

Nuntius- 28th May- Everthing in Linz is Absolutely Wonderful


Church as family- and what a happy family it is not in Linz.

The Bishop of Linz is so worried that he promotes tree huggers

He has just issued a press release supporting sustainable business and a change in lifestyle to combat global warming and inviting his diocese to a Global Church Specialist Seminar in the Benedictine Monastery of Lambach (where incidentally one Adolf Hitler was a server).

One of the speakers Dr Vandana Shiva is an eco-feminist which is another name for

Among the sponsors of the seminar is something called KOO the Coordination Office of the Austrian Bishops Conference for Development and Mission/ Just Improvement in Climate Campaign (what a mouthful but that is their title!).

The seminar has a whole list of questions to be answered. The best of them- are you yourself in a crisis?

Really what a diocese!

They talk about justice when it comes to climate change and did no justice to Father Wagner. They promote tree huggers instead of the veneration of the Cross of Christ, our and their only hope. They want to develop the rest of the world when the Diocese is falling apart in front of their noses. This diocese without new leadership is not a sustainable business and the bishop long overdue for a change in lifestyle. They could certainly do with chopping down a few less trees for the overblown bureaucracy needed to serve the pseudo-clericalised lay elite of the Diocese.

Bishop sues nuns

Must be an almost unique case- motto don't close viable schools.

Linz Rite of the Mass

Christ becomes known in the gathered community- did someone never tell them that Christ is behind many of them in the tabernacle. The eternal presence rather than one dependent on the contingent congregation.

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Corpus Christi as Catholics celebrate the Feast


Hat tip

Month of the Sacred Heart


Linz- how much longer? Deep satire


Brilliant- see also if you can spot the stealth priestess.

Corpus Christi venues

19th century Hofgastein

21st century Linz- the Ars Electronica Centre

Having failed to unite church and state in the Anglican manner, the Diocese of Linz tries to unite church and technology.

There will be Corpus Christi processions in the traditional manner, long after all the glowing glass panes of the Ars Electronic Centre have been shattered and the whole building crumbled to dust.

Diocese of Linz take communist attitude

Just like the Communist who airbrushed out embarrassing people from official photographs, the picture of the notorious Linz monstrance has now disappeared from the website.

All too late to save their ecclesiastical careers in Rome.

Apostolic visitation now!

Tale of two Feasts of Corpus Christi


For comparison

Linz Rite Linz Corpus Christi

Tu et Petrus?

Question mark added by the lack of ecclesiastical authority of the Bishop of Linz.

Mosaic on the Petrinum in Linz, formerly their junior seminary.
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The line of the Bishops of Linz, including Bishop Ruediger who built a whole new cathedral in honour of the Definition of the Immaculate Conception. The present Diocese is more likely to hold a seminar casting doubt on the whole dogma, rather than defending it's greatness and prophetic nature.