Friday, November 25, 2005

The splendor of the Catholic Faith.

A feastday in Belgium
Low Masses- one at each altar

High Mass

Archbishop of Dublin

also inhabits strange parallel world.


The International Committees of Benedictine and Cistercian monks and nuns for promoting dialogue between monks of different religions and, more specifically, on the level of spiritual experience. And closely related: the state of dhimmitude.

More pagan visits here.

So much for the Monastery living by the spirit of their Founder (as recommended at the time of the Second Vatican Council).
"In 527, therefore, St Benedict travelled to Monte Cassino, 85 miles southeast of Rome, on the summit of which stood an altar to Apollo; there he tore down the pagan shrine and established the greatest and most famous of all monasteries, which became the home of the Benedictine Order. The place itself was symbolic, for as on the massive rock he built a temple to God, so also upon enduring foundatiuons he built a temple of the Spirit. When he died there were 14 Benedictine communities, and by the 14th century there were over 30,000.

At Monte Cassino he established his famous Rule which changed and renewed the monastic life of Europe. He provided against vagabondage, immorality, and other evils then prevalent in religious houses. A monk was to be a soldier of God, "a member of a spiritual garrison holding duty for Christ in a hostile world"; and to be always on duty. It was a great and happy brotherhood with a strong family unity, so that wherever its members went they felt a common bond, and drew their strength from their home at Cassino, built upon the rock."