Wednesday, April 19, 2006


blames murdered victim.

"Cardinal Danneels' disgraceful response, blaming Joe's murder on the indifference and the materialism of the Belgians, is symptomatic for the attitude of the Belgian establishment, who invariably blame the crime on the victims rather than the criminals. "

"The Cardinal did not condemn the culprits. He made no reference whatever to the policy makers who allowed things to get so bad. Instead, he launched an attack on the whole of society. A totally unjustified attack: that society is thoroughly fed up with the dominance of murdering, thieving and raping Vikings from North Africa, and is not responsible for it.

“Where were you on Wednesday at [4 o’ clock!]” the Cardinal asked, pointing his aged finger in the air. I am not accountable to someone who has contributed absolutely nothing to our society, who has looked on and allowed his own church to disintegrate and thereby surrendered a considerable part of our culture, our rules and values. […]

Where was he himself, that Wednesday at [4 o’ clock]? Would he have pitched his lonely strength against a gang whose number increases exponentially at one whistle and who have no regard for a man’s life? Has he not seen the interviews with Magreb youths on TV? “Terrible? Well, people die every day…,” one of the vermin said on TV. You could see him think: another infidel dog less! […]

“Where was I, on Wednesday at [4 o’ clock]?” Well, here is my answer: it’s none of your business, old ****! But I ask you the same question: where were you when the laws were passed that allowed the killing of innocent children (abortion) and the slaughtering of the terminally ill (euthanasia)?"

Cardinal head and shoulders

over Archlayman of Canterbury.