Friday, October 06, 2017

Guitar Mass to end all guitar Masses

Catholic Youth in Salzburg

Stealth priestess leads Corpus Christi procession in Austria


Lest we forget, the great Linz Corpus Christi Scandal.

38% of mosques in Vienna actively work against integration

Above all Turkish mosque associations are negatively cited.

About 38% of mosques in Vienna are active against integration. The Austrian Integration Fund (OIF) announced this on Monday. This is reported by the "Krone" newspaper. 16 mosques in the federal capital were examined more closely in order to examine their role in the integration process. It was found that more than one-third of the mosque associations even actively worked against the integration of Muslims into society. 

From the investigations of the historian and Islam expert Heiko Heinisch, it is clear that especially Turkish mosque associations were negative here. In the affected mosques a decided depreciation of Western society takes place. According to this worldview, faith is not subordinated to the democratic constitutional state - the Koran is clearly above the state rules and laws.