Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Parishioners needed $25,000 to stop demolition

of Tranfiguration Church in Pittsburgh.

And now they are having to start all over again, but why demolish the Church in the first place.

Where Is Boston's Archbishop O'Malley?

The Archbishop goes missing (again!)

'This is not about politics; this is about defending the body of Christ from sacrilege and the Catholic Church herself from heresy. We pray that Archbishop O'Malley and every bishop will have the courage to stand up and rebuke those who perpetrate such fraudulent notions.'

Italian parishioners want their priest back

Angry protest in Italy

Priest shortage and the closure of Irish Churches

Something has gone terribly wrong when Catholics no longer want to become priests.:

"Not one new clerical student has begun studies for the priesthood this year in this large archdiocese, spread across Galway and Mayo. Indeed not one new student from the archdiocese has begun priesthood studies in the past five years. "

Archdiocese of Boston

Priests are mediators between God and the people but now we have a public relations firm mediating between priests and people.

"A public relations firm now handling press inquiries for the Archdiocese, the Rasky/Baerlein Group, did not comment as to whether the review committee would consider reversing St. Bernard's closure decision before the TAB's deadline. "