Thursday, March 09, 2006

St Augustine's Community Centre, Preston, Lancashire

AvenCentral Partnership - Funding the Regeneration of Preston City Centre:

Apparently, the last Parish Priest exulted in having a parish without a church, he was a self-proclaimed "liturgist of exceptional quality" - Mass being read from a loose-leaf folder, containing his latest creations. The Church was closed down due to "insuperable" structural problems - that was the official story, anyway.

"St Augustines New Avenham Centre is being developed on the site of the former St Augustine's Church in Avenham. The church, a grade two star listed building has been closed for over 20 years and was derelict.
The Diocese of Lancaster who own the building have been deciding on its usage since its closure and are now working in partnership with the local community and the local college to bring the church back into use as a community venue. The new building will incorporate a sports hall, information technology centre, a nursery facility and small business units for people starting out in business. A funding package of �5 million has been secured for the redevelopment of the site. The project is being managed by START a trust made up of representatives from the Diocese of Lancaster, Cardinal Newman College and AvenQuest Community Regeneration Trust.(Pictured left is an artists impression of the new building)
Project Manager : Jonathon Thomas
14 Oakham Court, Avenham Preston.
November 2002 - Preparation of the graveyard including the re-burial of the remains.
November 2003 - Videographer Sally McDonald commissions to record the development of the Centre.
December 2003 - Re-launch of AvenQuest Trust (one of the partners of START) and appeal for community involvement in the St Augustines Project.
December 2003 (ongoing) Rohit Jiwa, Community Economic Development Officer recruits volunteers from the community to be involved in the development of programmes for the future useage of the Centre.
January 2004 - Construction contract awarded to John Turner & Sons Ltd.
January 2004 - Demolition of St Augustine's Church started.
March 2004 - Building work started.
Completion due June 2005."


"And I shall reign in Spain", the state seal of Spain until 1975 recalling the vision of Fr Bernandos de Hoyos in 1733.

La Ramée Abbey

Cistercian Abbey - victim of the French Revolution.

Seems there may (and its a big may!) be some sisters still on part of the site.

"The establishment of the sisters of the Sacred Heart in this part of the domain in 1903 led to further constructions. The nuns built a single-aisle chapel extending from the former abbess's lodging in 1910 and replaced the large glasshouse with a utilitarian building. More recently, in 1970, two buildings intended to house retreatants were constructed alongside to the NorthWest."

Hillary Clinton- new patron "saint" of the Jesuits


Advertising campaign for the Jesuit house of formation in Austria uses a quote and image of Hillary Clinton, as well as other secular figures.

I have an idea for them. Be original. Quote the Bible and the saints.