Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Aachen.


Church of St Lutgardis, Tongeren, Belgium


built in 1949 through the devotion of the parish priest, Father Engelbos.

20 years later, just after the Second Vatican Council this Church was also built in Tongeren (Ketsingen). Something had gone very wrong.

Churches become DreamRooms


in the Diocese of Aachen in their desparation. Have they totally forgotten the Gospel? Jesus told no-one to dream-on. But this is the Diocese of the Bishop of Aachen who once said "God is not Catholic". I don't think he will be able to persuade St Peter at the gate of heaven of this nonsense.

The same Church, Wednesday night. Not one man, young or old could be found in the whole Diocese of Aachen to serve Mass (there were quite a few in the congregation). The priest referred four times to "dear assembled congregation" (behind which is the protestant idea that the worthiness or otherwise of the congregation determines whether Christ is present) and with great show gave Communion in both kinds to the server before the congregation even moved, to prove that he thought that she should be ordained. A week previous we attended Compline- lead by two layman and a laywoman- one of the laymen read the Gospel from the altar during Compline (?) and everyone remained seated. Aachen was once renowned as a fortress of Catholicism in Germany and earlier as the seat of the Holy Roman Empire.

Washing day is here

in the (former) Jesuit Church Art Gallery- Kunsthalle Jesuitenkirche

How one closes a Church

the last visitors will be the bulldozers.

Auxilliary Bishop Grave "We are giving up the Church...but we are not giving up our Faith." Complacent evangelist: how many people wil never come into contact with the Catholic Faith when this Church has been closed.

Spanish devotions

very comprehensive site which sadly does not distinguish the indulgenced prayers and includes the "Mysteries of Light" which do not appear to have been properly indulgenced when they were promulgated. Any evidence either way for the latter would be gratefully received.

Calling all students

to fightback for the Faith.