Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Catholic Sale of Century continues

and the Trammell Crow group are the latest to benefit in the Archdiocese of St Louis.

Pope John Paul II's letter

to Cardinal Godfried Danneels, 2000 appointing him as the Pope's representative to the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in England and Wales. If Godfried Cardinal Danneels had been Pope in 1850, millions would still be labouring under the errors of protestantism.

"You will directly address those present, urging them to defend and promote the true faith and to further the ecumenical cause"

And the address of the great Father Conlon to the Latin Mass Society in 2000.

The alien image of Christ

Cardinal Danneels at the Conclave leaves behind a devastated vineyard, after two and a half decades in charge of the Belgian Church. But, with his little concealed ambition to become Pope, what vision of Our Lord and Saviour does he take with him to the Conclave. One indication is in a side chapel of the Pro-Cathedral in Brussels, where an exhibition was established this Easter on the theme of the Passion. This is the central exhibit. And on each of the panels, a Christ stripped not only of divinity, but also of humanity in fact an alien form.  Posted by Hello

The alien Christ of Cardinal Danneels Posted by Hello

A close-up. Posted by Hello

To the right of the alien Christs:
this is meant to be the body of Our Lord and Saviour. Posted by Hello

To the left of the alien Christs:
the vision of Calvary in modern Catholic Belgium. Posted by Hello

The exhibition was placed on the opposite side of the nave to the chapel where the picture of Pope John Paul II was placed.

The Church of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity

in Brussels remains shut, claimed to be unsafe. No funds have been allocated for restoration. The Belgium Government pays the salaries of the imans of the approximately one hundred mosques in Brussels
Muslim protest group in Brussels effectively preventing access of the Faithful to the Church of the Minimes, for all but the brave.  Posted by Hello

More apostasy in Brussels

Unbelievable. This was the same Church of the Beguines that was reportedly trashed by the occupation of a Muslim group, yet a couple of years later they welcome a Muslim chant group. One dreads to think what will become of St Peter's Church if Cardinal Danneels becomes Pope.

The track record of Cardinal Danneels: empty Churches. Anyone who tells you that the solution to the problems of the Catholic Church should come to Belgium; the Church could not be more modern. Churches that are regularly occupied and/ or used by Muslim groups. And please correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think that Cardinal Danneels issued any statement on this report "Euthanasia responsible for half of newborn deaths in Belgium"

See the report below: Muslim group transforms chapel in Brussels.
Also now in German:
Der interreligiöse Dialog - in Tat und Wahrheit- Inter-religious dialogue in reality and in truth

and in Dutch

Bishop Lynch deals ruthlessly with the supporters

of Terri Schiavo.

St. Alphonsus Church, Schumacher, Ontario, Canada

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