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Litany of the Most Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

The Precious Blood

To loud applause, beatification inquiry opens for John Paul II

And yes it is the same Terry Donilan

Church-closing process

Diocese of Scranton

Devoted to the past

At the ending of the Month of the Sacred Heart

Questionable artist promoted by Diocese of Lille in their Cathedral Church

The League of David: Who's this?

The Choir of Lille Cathedral

Polish archbishop hopes for August sainthood for Pope John Paul II

Masses in Latin are here to stay

Closings also a moment of hope

Catholic Chapels on the Auction Block

As the excellent Rectaratio blogspot points out

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Blessed is real estate

Plan suggests Indianapolis Archdiocese

Churchgoers explore 'the force'

Transphotographiques 2001

France, the eldest son of the Church.

Behold the Man- Ecce Homo. Modernism on the rampage in Lille Cathedral crypt

While the Church follows modern fashions.

Protestants participate in concelebrated Mass

Husband's epitaph for Terri Schiavo reignites feud

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Brigid Church:

St. Francis Xavier School , Diocese of Gary

Rome of the West- a must see blog!

The cruelty continues

Diocese of London, US

Los Angeles Cathedral

From the Canon of the Mass

Priest or people-pleaser

More good news!

The Official Website of the Diocese of Rome

Message for any anglicans who visit this blog

An Official Spokesman

Parish's hope may lie in signatures, prayers

Church-closing plan stuns local Catholics

The True Story

Another photo from the Pope's home town

And now for some good news!


3 Terre Haute Catholic parishes face closing

Archdiocese of Boston

Desolate vineyard- a Brussels church

What's the Turkish for genocide?