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Arbitrary actions by the Pope harm him and the Church

Francis repeatedly causes a stir with his spontaneous actions and statements. What seems likeable is, however, not unproblematic, because it reflects on the reputation of the Pope and the Church, comments Benedikt Heider. While Pope Benedict XVI repeatedly stumbled over the alleged mistakes of his employees, Pope Francis often seems immune to any advice. However, what happens when the Pope acts without paying much attention to his authorities and advisors has recently become increasingly clear: During the Ukraine war, Francis not only once snubbed the attacked Ukraine with requests to speak about Russia and caused displeasure within the Vatican because he refused to name perpetrators and victims. Francis also irritated in the Middle East conflict when he generally condemned "terrorism" in the region, again without naming an aggressor. The Vatican press room tried – as so often – to repair the damage. And even if information about the papal health is no longer completely hidde

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