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Perpetrators of abuse on electoral list for Brussels Archbishop's Priests Council. More evidence that modernists have never been serious about dealing with abuse.

“How many times can you put victims through hell?” Perpetrators of abuse on electoral list for Archbishop Terlinden's priest council: “I'm sick of it” The electoral list of the Priests Council, the body that advises Archbishop Luc Terlinden, includes several perpetrators of sexual abuse known to the church. “How many times can you put victims through hell?” "How is this possible? A week ago, Archbishop Terlinden looked me straight in the eye. He apologized and co-signed my settlement (the contract setting out the financial compensation for the abuse, ed.). And now the same man he apologized for should be allowed to advise him if he is elected to the priest council? Why did I entrust them with my story?" says Carla Gilis (57). The priest who abused Gilis from the age of eleven to thirteen is on the electoral list for the priest council. Each diocese has such an advisory body, chaired by the responsible bishop. The Priests Council assists the bishop with advice on a wid

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