Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cardinal permits burial of Stalinist, blasphemer and pornographer

The Eponymous Flower: Cardinal Schönborn Allows Communist Burial Service at Vienna Cathedral

This Sunday an Austrian state-artist, Stalinist, blasphemer and pornographer Alfred Hrdlicka was buried in Vienna.The media hungry vienese Cathedral Priest Anton Faber provided a Catholic burial for the blasphemous artist.What followed was a cabaret act where many of Vienna's leftist politicians came to mourn in the presence of unappealing bronze statues where Father Faber in his solemn black cope read the blessing for the unrepentant Communist and blessed him with holy water as his red lacquered casket was lowered into the ground with a hammer and chisel atop it in place of the traditional crucifix; meanwhile a gypsy choir sang Communist songs predicting the victory of the Red Revolution, which had cost the lives of so many Christiains.It should go without saying that canon law forbids the burial of non-Catholics (Hrdlika was Old Catholic) and unrepentant sinners.The following video shows some of his hideous "artworks" which adorn the Barbara Chapel in the St. Stephens Cathedral in which his funeral service was held, where Fr. Faber announced that "we are hopeful of his eternal life". Perhaps he meant something about posterity? We want to be charitable and not take things out of context after all...

Goodbye Bad Bishops

A very special Christmas greeting to all the bishops especially in the US who have covered up abuse, closed churches and promoted the most outrageous of non-Catholic theology. They all go together, now time for them to go!

Goodbye and Goodnight and Goodriddance