Sunday, January 11, 2009

What a difference three years make!

Way to go but at least the Catholic Church is heading in the right direction.
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Church asset sales

become an issue

The Jan. 1 closing of All Saints Parish in Agawam left the fate of St. Therese and St. Anthony churches, their two rectories, a parish center and a parking lot in the hands of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield.

The same goes for church properties in neighboring West Springfield, where the diocese on Jan. 1 closed St. Ann and St. Louis de France parishes and merged them with Immaculate Conception to form a new parish, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Catholics brace

for round of closings

The unprecedented restructuring in Albany is one domino in a cascade of consolidations that have shuttered Catholic churches across the Northeast.

Hubbard told the Times Union he plans to close or merge roughly 20 percent of the diocese's 190 worship sites, which amounts to 38 buildings. That is comparable to the dioceses of Rochester (where 16 percent of parishes closed or merged), Buffalo (28 percent), Syracuse (20 percent) and Boston (18 percent), according to figures provided last year by the Albany Diocese.

Go with God


More Catholic youth work from Vienna- in the words of the late comic, David Allen, "May your God go with you".

Traditionalist to modernist- "You go to Mass to worship God in your way, and I go to the Latin Mass to worship God in His way".

And here is the Youth Church in Vienna.

Their reredos

Kicked around at World Youth Day 2005

The Ball of Responsibility

Devotion to the Three Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

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Feast of the Holy Family