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Lawyer for Cardinal Danneels speaks


"But we do not impute motives (to the leak), this is normal because there is an investigation and if the investigation was conducted properly, there is no problem, Monsignor Daneels has nothing to hide and will cooperate loyally with the investigation, "said the lawyer, who reveals that Cardinal surprised" quite a little bit about what is said today about what he knew but did nothing about. "But of course he did not know and besides, he must still establish what really the complaints are

Asked about the possibility of criminalizing non-assistance to persons in distress, the cardinal's lawyer responds: "it seems to me that, yes, (but) in the case of Mr. Danneels and other bishops, that does not appear to be the case.


Belgian bishops furious


Source De Morgen

The Episcopal Conference of Belgium have said that the high-profile documents that were found in the Archbishop's house in Mechelen were delivered "by a third party well known to the media and the Archdiocese."According to VRT news, the Dutroux documents were sent to Archbishop Andre Leonard.

The Bishops' Conference finds it outrageous that someone from the prosecutor's has leaked information from the investigation into sexual abuse in the church.They argue that disturbs the serenity of the investigation.

Yesterday it was reported that during the search of the diocese documents were found relating to the Dutroux case. According to Het Laatste Nieuws several pictures of the autopsy were found.

The Bishops Conference responded to a report in the newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws yesterday. According to the newspaper were among a hundred or more photos from the Dutroux investigation were found. The lawyer for the archdiocese, Fernand Keuleneer, wrote a letter yesterday morning demanding justice.

"It would be outrageous for anyone to deliberately give to the media sensational-looking information covered by professional secrecy," it sounds. "This in no way contributes to the serenity of the investigation." The lawyer is considering further action if it appears that secrecy was violated by the leak of information.

The bishops also stress that they were documents from a third person "who is known to the media and the archdiocese." "Also today it was confirmed that the court documents were given also to journalists, politicians and other persons in the country."

Cathcon-  The third person they are referring to is most probably Albert Mahieu, the sole representative at the time of the the VIVANT party in the Brussels Regional Assembly.

Prosecutor confirms Dutroux material found in police raid on Cardinal


The prosecutor confirmed that Dutroux documents have been seized during searches conducted in the heart of the Church on June 24 last. After the hearing yesterday, the Cardinal has not been charged, but that does not mean it will not be by the end of the investigation. He could even be questioned again in the future, "said the spokesperson.

Noone is irreplaceable, but certainly there are some who are more than others. Thats the case of Cardinal Danneels

He is the incarnation of the Catholic Church.   The image of Cardinal Danneels is better than that of the Church.....

So said the President of the European Council and ex-Belgian PM in the month that Cardinal Danneels retired.

Prosecutor confirms that Cardinal Danneels is not being charged, at least for the time being

Le parquet confirme que Mgr Danneels n'est pas inculpé

The Brussels public prosecutor confirmed Wednesday morning that Archbishop Godfried Danneels has not been charged after a hearing in the premises of the Judicial Police over ten hours on Tuesday, attended by his lawyer, a doctor and the instructing judge Wim de Troy.

Jos Colpin, spokesman for the Brussels public prosecutor has not ruled out that the former primate of Belgium will be questioned again in coming days, nor that he will be charged one day "but if this occurs, in any case of this magnitude, it will take place at the end of the investigation, "he said. A doctor accompanied Godfried Danneels on Tuesday "to ensure that he remained well, considering his age," said the spokesman, without specifying whether Archbishop Danneels, 77, had become unwell during the hearing . Jos Colpin also stressed "that it would take weeks or months to analyze all the documents seized," and said that only the computers were returned, without specifying whether that of Archbishop Danneels had been returned. No document has yet been returned. About documents linked to the Dutroux case found at the palace, the spokesman for the prosecutor said it was in fact a DVD "which has long circulated in newsrooms including the press" . He declined to specify who will be heard in the next few hours or days in this case.

Does Cardinal Danneels really know nothing?

Cardinal Danneels denied all knowledge to the police yesterday of sexual abuse cases. They therefore called in Peter Adriaenssens,the chairman of the (now disolved) Commission dealing with sexual abuse and his predecessor Godelieve Halsberghe (who scrupulously kept all correspondence with the Cardinal and after threatening phone calls handed the documents to the national archive for protection) to confront him with certain realities. No-wonder Peter Adriaenssens said that he was in a state of shock. Of the 475 case files seized from his Commission, 50 involve Danneels in some way.

The Cardinal is more than likely to be questioned again this week. The likelihood that he will be charged is increasing with every passing hour.

On the Dutroux material including macabre photos of dead children seized from the Cardinal during the raid, there are three possibilities. The newspaper got it wrong- but no denial has been fcrthcoming. The material could have been planted or it was actually in his possession.

The raid on both the Cardinal and the Commission was to check the compatibility of their records. It now would appear to be possible that material relating to sexual abuse was destroyed but the Dutroux material retained. A strange world is being revealed.

Video report in English of police raid on the Belgian Church


Background to the raid which led to Cardinal Danneels being questioned today

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