Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cardinal preaches on "Bodyguard"

Can you imagine that Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki walks around the cathedral happily and whistles the Whitney Houston († 2012) hit "I will always love you"?

The song he himself could sing as a bishop, said Woelki on Sunday in the Domradio. And it all depends completely on the Hollywood movie "Bodyguard".

"The story is encouraging"
In this Houston plays not only the leading role, even the song is the title song of the movie, whose story Cardinal Woelki finds "encouraging". People wanted a safe world without class and race differences, in which "the successful pop singer falls in love with the poor lifeguard," said the Cardinal. It is hard to say "just a nice word to the daft neighbours or the co-worker at the workplace. Not to mention living together with people of different origins, culture or religion. "

Everyone has a bodyguard

On the other hand, stories such as "Bodyguard" give courage to overcome one's own narrow limits and to be "there and everywhere for each other." He is convinced that every human being has such a bodyguard - formerly called a Guardian Angel "And if true, infinite love comes then, then happiness is perfect," said Woelki. "This happens - thank God - not just in the film."

"My bodyguard is called Jesus Christ"

And his personal guardian angel? "My bodyguard is Jesus Christ!"

The Cardinal knows that the musical has seen more than 500,000 spectators in the Musical Dome and has now moved to Stuttgart, but he was not in the "Blue Tent". However, the film also suffices for his insights.


Cathcon: The tragic Whitney Houston was no friend of the Catholic Church calling Catholicism "just a trip" in an interview with Playboy.

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