Monday, July 06, 2009

Carnival Catholic Sisters


New altar in Linz- says it all really

Anyone who prefers the one in front to the one behind has lost all aesthetic sense, never mind any residual religious sense.

Cathcon has gone officially ballistic- we were married at this altar

The guy is dancing on the very place where we exchanged vows.

It is a triple insult, he is a Indian Jesuit (five Jesuit Father Gillibrands who certainly did not go in for this sort of thing) dancing in a Benedictine Abbey Church (I am a Benedictine Oblate).

If NASA wants to get to Mars, they could be there by tomorrow if they want to employ me as a rocket.

Dr Saju George SJ tries to justify the unjustifiable. Dance is a priestly activity! Inner God!

And groomed under a "galaxy of gurus"!!

Female Protestant Minister leads Corpus Christi procession and turns it into feminist propaganda for priestesses

From the Archconservative Blog

Triple top hat tip

Linz also happens apparently in Germany: In a letter in the "Tagespost" the Right Revd Prof. Dr. Giovanni Sala SJ from Munich describes the following experience in the context of the difficult situation of the SSPX in Germany:

"Mrs Magdalena Helfer has described in a letter dated 16 June another case of the real situation of the Church in Germany which will not encourage the members of the SSPX, in trust of Christ who directs his Church and his Vicar on earth, to take the step for which the Pope has selflessly worked and for the many people who pray in unity with him.

At the last Corpus Christi, she took part in the procession in the Parish of Meersburg, Archdiocese of Freiburg. The female Protestant pastor took part in her official dress, who took over after the first station, and at two altars took the lead in the reading, the Gospel and the intercessions with the male words (brother, son, father, Lord) changed into female from. That is, the Catholic belief in the Real Presence of Christ and the adoration from the Church were turned by her (with the consent of the competent Catholic priest?) into a feminist demonstration and propaganda for female priesthood. But this is not quite out of the frame of Catholic Church in Germany, when you consider that for example the so-called "Eucharistic hospitality" is offered to Protestant Christians in more than a few parishes, the responsible bishops remaining silent. In the case of the procession in Meersburg, the competent bishop is the Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference. Is he going to intervene in this serious case? Are there in any case, instances when it suitable for the "Romanus Pontifex" (cf. DS 3065) to blow up the battered bridges. "

Cathcon has photos!

Cardinal goes mad

Praising Obama's measured approach to abortion.

Measured is hardly the term if you are a child who never lived.Measured is hardly the term if you are a child who never lived.

There is a cartoon with one baby in a cradle talking to another baby in a dustbin.

"Were you born in or out of wedlock?"

"I don't know, because I wasn't even born".

Cardinal Schönborn in the preface to a book, "Thomistes" to which Cardinal Cottier writes the postface, witheringly criticises "Thomists of the Strict Observance" - now the world knows what "Thomists of the Less than Strict Observance" are made of. Cardinal Schönborn himself is all over the shop when it comes to moral issues and a primary cause of this is that he buys into Cardinal Cottier's errors on the state.

More great analysis here.

The great Sandro Magister also thinks so, but does not say so.

Save St Mary's Church!

We love this little church because it is a beacon in a dark world. Not only is St. Mary's a spiritually vibrant community, small but mighty, it is completely financially viable. This is exactly the type of church that any diocese ought to want to keep. In an era where church debt is commonplace, St. Mary's Malaga has no debt. Its forebears paid for it, and every last dollar was accounted for. You can even see a list of all the contributors hanging on the wall beside the entrance. And the church has plenty of money in the bank so it's certainly not a potential drain on the Diocese of Camden.

If St. Mary's could start with a small group of immigrant families who gave of their sweat and blood to see it built, certainly there are many more of us who attend St. Mary's now! If there was a cause for St. Mary's 86 years ago, there is all the more cause now than when Malaga was even smaller (hard to imagine, huh?). Contrary to statements on the part of the diocese as rationale for massive church closures, the Vineland-Buena-Malaga area is growing, not shrinking. So those of us who love St. Mary's want to see it and its ministries live on. We believe it is a church worth keeping.

While Pope removes people's altars, others bless them


German report

With the solemn consecration of the altar and ambo by Archbishop Robert Zollitsch held yesterday, the two-year renovation of the Parish church of St. Johann celebrated its completion. The solemn ceremony took nearly three hours in the more than full house of God.

The first Holy Mass at the new altar of St. John was celebrated by Archbishop Robert Zollitsch: Among the concelebrants were Fathers Hans-Peter Fischer and Miklós Beer (left and right of the archbishop), the former chaplain Meinrad Donaueschinger hero and Otto Scheib (Second and third from right).

Donaueschingen (critical) Father Hans-Peter Fischer thanked the archbishop at the beginning of celebration, who despite the great burden of his duties as Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference found time for the inauguration of the House of God in Donaueschinger. In addition to the concelebrant's, there were also plenty of visitors from public life, such as the Patron of the Church, Prince Heinrich of Fürstenberg with the family. Professor Elmar Hillebrand, Cologne, and Annelies Kremer, Munich, the designers of the altar, were welcomed by Father Fischer (Cathcon- yes, you can get paid to design a concrete block).

In his homily Archbishop Zollitsch recalled that this was the end of the Year of St Paul and of the investigations at his tomb, which seem to confirm that it is the burial place of St Paul. God wrote this story, so to speak with people to confirm their faith, which does not depend on archaeological proofs.. "Christianity is not a cleverly crafted invention," said the archbishop, but the proof that God had become man. The priest in charge of the Donaueschingen parishes congratulated the Archbishop about the beautiful church, now decorated so brightly.

Cathcon: Archbishop literally turns his back on the fine altar behind, and, of course, also the Blessed Sacrament.

Orthodox purchase delapidated chapel in France


From La Nouvelle Republique

Last November, the NR exclusively announced that the Metropolitan of the Romanian Orthodox Church was interested in this chapel which has fallen into a poor state ...

Today, among many other discussions, the City Council of Tours will decide on the sale of the Chape of the Lazaristes to the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of Western and Southern Europe. This church was looking for a decent place of worship for their community because their parish was housed for years in a small room in the rue de la California, loaned by St Jeanne d'Arc Church.

Since 2007, negotiations were started but the moved on last winter, during the visit of Metropolitan Bishop Joseph, who came to celebrate the Feast of Saint-Nectaire.
He then explained that "discussions were progressing with the city" despite significant work to be done, and hoped a decision "in the months to come."
A little over six months have passed and we now come to the signing of the deed at the notary.

€ 202,000 worth of works

The dilapidated building, built in 1860 at the top of the rue du Général-Meusnier, and the old medieval city, will be purchased for € 50,000 from the city, on the basis of the value given by the 2006 tax value estimate.

A major restoration will then occur. And the Romanian Orthodox Metropolian has already entrusted his project to the architect Alain de Bossoreille who has estimated the work will cost more than 202,000 euros.

Stained glass windows, roofing, carpentry, repair of large stones ... The works should take into account the site and the protected historic sector, near the cathedral.

This sale certainly removes a huge thorn in the side of the city who owned the chapel since 1994, but never wanted to engage in costly work. Access had been restricted since 2006 and sheeting installed to make the roof watertight