Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dominicans Sisters Celebrate Earth Day 2006

by Blessing and Dedicating Their New Solar System:

"The ritual began with a spirited and joyful prayer service in Mount Saint Dominic Academy’s gym/auditorium with a procession that included solar-colored ribbon streamers carried on decorated poles, the Earth Flag, and a sun banner. The ritual that included scripture readings, preaching, a meditative slide show and live music was a collaborative project of the Dominican Sisters and Associates, students from Dominican schools, academies and Caldwell College, clergy from various faith denominations, civil officials from the Borough of Caldwell and representatives from state offices and agencies who sponsor and encourage the development and use of alternative energy sources. "

The Dominican Sisters owe more to "Saint"Al Gore

than to the Rule of the Dominicans

Ite, duae missae sunt !

French progressive newspaper announces its resistance to the will of the Holy Father. In Latin!. If even they can use Latin, anyone can learn!

The review was originally founded by former members of the French resistance (one thing to resist Hitler, but the will of the Pope, surely not!) and the Jesuits. Shows how devastated the vineyard is when a Jesuit journal announces its resistance to the will of the Pope. Have they forgotten the Fourth Vow of every Jesuit?

Wuerl paves own path 

And there was me, thinking that he was there to make straight the way of the Lord. But he is not responsible for the headline, admitedly, nor the claim that John Kerry is also a Catholic. Archbishop Wuerl, however, does have wonderful conversations with Mr Kerry, as both pave their own path with the best of all possible intentions.

Superstar Priests of Brazil

signs rather of a lack of influence on the Brazilian people.

Visit the new home of the French Catholic Bishops

Former Carmelite monastery turned into palatial office.

Less real work is being done there than under the previous occupants, unless you count the innumerable meetings that they have already held on the premises to subvert the will of Pope Benedict, which will become clear on Saturday.

These guys really do think that you can save souls in committee work.

Siege of Belgrade

Began 4th July 1456.

Europe would look very different today if Belgrade had gone the same way as Constantinople three years previously.

In the thick of the fighting was St John of Capistrano, leading the left of the line, Cross held high to encourage the troops.

Thank you. Inn at the End of the World

Blessed Marco d'Aviano comes to mind, also a Franciscan, who inspired the resistance of the troops during the Siege of Vienna in 1683.

Papal decree may help Holy Trinity Boston

The Archbishops says there is not much demand for the Latin Mass. How can there be, when you try to strangle supply.

Feast of St Anthony Maria Zaccaria


Founder of the Barnabites, also known as the Congregation of St Paul.

De l'origine et institution des Religieux Barnabites de la congrégation de saint Paul (1668)

Vive la France!

Etes-vous d'accord (do you agree) avec la libéralisation de la messe (Mass) en latin ? Yes, say 66 percent of respondents to a Figaro on-line poll?