Monday, September 05, 2005

Jesuit "liturgy"


Many more horrific photographs here. The sex-ed classes are both comical and disturbing. The Jesuits would say that they are attempting to work with the poor. If you want to work with the poor, why treat them with such contempt?

These photos include an attempt to celebrate Mass with a sandwich.

Over the last four hundred years, there have been no less than five Father Gillibrand SJ. One was imprisoned for the Faith in Preston, Lancashire. They would not recognise the modern Jesuit order nor would they want to be part of it.

the excellent German site highlights the launch of Kirchenschwinden.

Es handelt sich um eine deutschsprachige Variante des englischsprachigen Weblogs ‘Catholic Church Conservation‘. „Hoffentlich gibt’s möglichst wenig Material dafür!“, kommentierte ein befreundetes Onlinetagebuch den Neustart.

It describes itself as a German language version of the English language, Catholic Church Conservation. "Hopefully there is most possibly little material for it" commented an online diary friendly to the start-up.

With at least one German Cardinal more interested in diabolic dialogue at carnival than in mission, I doubt it.

New Church in Aspirade, Ghana

- at least the Parish Priest here understands the importance of evangelisation.

Diocese of Steubenville

St. Anthony's parishioners protesting church closure. The Bishop devotes the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross to Church closing.


A new blog from Germany called "Disappearing Churches", a blog about the change of use, sale or destruction of Catholic Churches in Germany. In part, I believe, it was inspired by this blog. Very best wishes to them. It is so important that people get and stay informed about what is actually happening to the Catholic inheritance, built by generations. But it only takes one generation to waste an inheritance!