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Has the Pope finally completely lost the plot? He cannot carry on governing the Church like this.

Bad odour of the shepherds from the Church Francis left behind

Why did the Pope's favorite suddenly resign? More details.

Perpetrators of abuse on electoral list for Brussels Archbishop's Priests Council. More evidence that modernists have never been serious about dealing with abuse.

Homosexual blessing becomes pseudo-wedding in Spain

Very good summary of the Rupnik scandal that will blacken forever the name of Pope Francis when history is written.

German Protestants turn away from Christ towards the veneration of Taylor Swift

"Father always had two nuns with him". Rupnik was already cause of comment 30 years ago. Family and home town respond to allegations.

Fall of a high and mighty Jesuit

Extraordinary treatment of a layman by the Pope. Layman sues Bishop in civil court.

Sacrilege in Bogata. Woman gives Communion to her dog.

Leftist groups take over churches to organise multi-day lock-ins in support of Palestine

Modern artist dresses up as Virgin Mary and desecrates an altar.