Thursday, November 13, 2008

God Hungry


Modern art installation in a Church in Lille

and a 'Very Hungry God' installed in the Eglise Saint-Bernard de la Chapelle et Square Saint-Bernard in Barbes, Paris in 2006

See also skull worship in Graz, Austria

Latest Catholic video news!


Pope on the Second Coming

Homosexual activists attack church

Vatican cardinal attacks euthanasia decision

Protesters march against Proposition 8 trample Cross

Catholic bishop thanks God for Obama


angering pro-life Catholics

The Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth, Crispian Hollis, has used his diocesan website to thank God for the election of the pro-abortion Barack Obama – a clear abuse of his position that has outraged one of Britain's leading pro-life charities.

Bishop Hollis has issued a 'special message' to his flock which says: “With millions of others, I have been thrilled by Barack Obama’s victory and I thank God for it. For me, it represents a rare moment of hope and optimism which shows American democracy at its best and it is of seismic significance and potential for the whole global community. And so, more than ever now, he deserves and needs us to keep him in our prayers.”

Thursdays- dedicated to the Honour of the Blessed Sacrament




Feast of the Patronage of St Thomas Aquinas of Christian Schools


Studiorum Ducem on his many merits

Carinthian Swing Combo Mass

in the Diocese of Graz

Psychedelic ecumemism

produced by waving latterns in Erfurt.