Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bishop: No wonder that the traditionalists are on their way


from the utterly wonderful an account of the dying Church in Europe.

Even in the former East Germany, the Church is dying. But they will always have the courage"to commit themselves and to affirm".

On 23 And 24 November representatives of the parish councils of the Diocese of Görlitz gathered in the St.-Johannes-Haus in Cottbus.

Despite many problems, they want to be optimistic about the future, as the Diocesan website reported.

Görlitz is located in Saxony and is the easternmost city in Germany. The city, with almost 60,000 inhabitants is located in Upper Lusatia on the Neisse, which since 1945 has been the border with Poland.

The well-attended meeting of the representatives of the parish councils was also joined by Bishop Konrad Zdarsa (63) of Goerlitz. He was only consecrated in June of this year.
Those present at the meeting praised the commitment of the priests and complained that in the parishes there are almost no children’s and youth groups.

As soon as they start vocational training many young people are lost to the parish- several of the representatives said.

The reason for the serious misunderstanding: The parents are to blame that the children rarely or not at all attend the parishes.

"Catechetical Entertainment"
Msgr. Zdarsa appealed to the parents to attend to the Eucharistic education of their children.

The bishop also criticised certain liturgical developments.

When Sunday worship seems like a “catechetical entertainment" or the noise level reaches as high as a playground, we should not be surprised if traditionalists start demanding order.

The Bishop urged, and sometimes even in a hopeless situation, that people should be courageously committed to the Faith.

It was important, to have the courage to examine one’s own life and to accentuate the positive.

The parishes want to look forward, said the Diocesan website.

Scenes from the madhouse


Women who fondly imagine they are Catholic priests.

Christ free Christmas in England

as Reindeer Ralph supplants Nativity:

"The traditional nativity play is on the wane, suggests a survey. So what has taken its place? Ralph the Reindeer, says a leading children's playwright. The excitement of being Third Shepherd, Inn Keeper or Little Donkey is a staple part of a schoolchild's Christmas experience. For generations, the season is forever associated with tea-towels and tinsel, as parents rummage to make costumes for traditional Nativity performances. Yet a Sunday Telegraph survey of 100 schools has found only one in five opting to stage the traditional Christmas story. One in three will stage a religion-free Christmas play or have no event at all. "

Suffer little children


not to come unto me.

Bishopric of Essen closes 81 kindergarten. Another 220 kindergarten are to go by 2010. 60 kindergarten have already been closed.

By 2010, 6000 places will have gone. 55 percent only of the present children are Catholic, the rest Protestants and Muslims (guess the quality of the religious instruction!)

The Church's Crisis is Europe's Crisis.