Monday, August 27, 2007

Half right but still wholly wrong

An eastward facing Mass in Austria!

Palm Sunday ceremonies in the same parish!
According to the "New Gospel", Jesus biked it into Jerusalem!

The Games a Bishop Plays

Is Bishop Tod Brown Banning The Tridentine Mass At St. Mary's – Again?

Thought for the Day

To every problem- there is a solution.

St. Charles' Parish Community, Gosforth


Still also welcomes their pro-abortion friends in Amnesty International.

See also Linz Diocese and Amnesty International

From all para-liturgical evils.

Good Lord, deliver us!

"Fr. Chris donned a sorcerer's hat with Mickey Mouse ears (complete with flashing lights) and proceeded to ask us to stand and participate in some Christian aerobics. "

Feast of St Joseph Calasanctius


In the same night that He was betrayed.

Dancing girls during Holy Thursday in Ballina Cathedral, once-Catholic Ireland turn ceremonies into pagan mystery worship.

Needless to say, some of the Twelve Apostles now turn out to have been women. A fact that has been deliberately hidden by a patriarchal and oppressive Church for centuries NOT!

They claim that it is the first time "Easter Services" have been broadcast. Fr. Dermod McCarthy, the presenter is a supporter of Medjugorje.

One can see a similar pagan dance on the front cover of the Michael Davies book, Liturgical Time Bombs in Vatican II, where he discusses the sources of the problems. When the same author wrote a book on Medjugorje, he was threatened with murder if he went to the town ever again.

Thanks Perpetual Malcontent