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Pope expels peoples altar from newly restored Pauline Chapel

All ready for a Latin Mass?

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Remarkable conversion story

The war criminal, Obersturmbannfuhrer Kappler was received by Fr Flaherty into the Catholic Church in March 1959. Right at the end of his life, shrunken by cancer, he was smuggled out of his Italian jail by his wife and died in his native Germany.

"The SSPX position is not Catholic" Cardinal Kasper

Translation from RP Online

Curial Cardinal Walter Kasper on Christian mission and self-esteem, Michael Jackson, Christopher Street Days and German parochial reforms.

Should Christians engage in mission - or is that inappropriate?

Kasper: You cannot neglect Mission as a Christian. Mission reflects the mission of Jesus, as it is written in St. Matthew and St. Mark's Gospel. The Council has clearly said that the Church is by her nature missionary.

Why is the concept of mission then - see the debate about mission to Jews mission – seen as a negative connotation?

Kasper: I am for a dialogic concept of mission, as Pope John Paul II has described it: Mission as an act of freedom, without obtrusion, without lecturing, without being excited, taking seriously the beliefs of the other.
The course requires self-conscious Christians. If there are any?

Kasper: Lack of awareness of mission also reflects a lack of awareness of faith . Without the joy of faith mission is impossible. We Christians cave in too fast, and we show our Christian symbols often only reluctantly, instead responsible for just guarding them. We need less despondency in Germany and more, for example, of the self-conscious American "Yes-we-can" mentality.

Is a human being foolish when he or she seperates from their cultural and religious roots?

Kasper: If a plant does not take root, then it withered. It is a major threat in Europe, that many people are no longer familiar with their own tradotion, but run after other movements or traditions that as Europeans they do not understand in depth.

After the death of pop star Michael Jackson recently a young German screamed into the microphone, you have lost your God. Is this symptomatic of errors and confusion?

Kasper: I have nothing against Michael Jackson, but the evidence already speaks of a lack of orientation, roots and stability. Here the Church has the great task to convey the richness of faith. A new catechesis is necessary, the present situation cannot go on.

The SSPX, which is currently on everyone's lips justifies its action as emergency actions against the withering of the Faith. Is this overdone?

Kasper: The analysis of the symptoms of deficiency I can still share, even though I do not look on things as black as the SSPX do. But I cannot ever think that a group wishes to renew the Church by disobedience. You have just to read what some SSPX members have said about John Paul II, on the current pope, including about me. You will find incredible things.

Are the leading members of the SSPX unashamed?

Kasper: From their attitude a renewal of the church is not possible. The SSPX is not Catholic. It cannot be that individuals determine what is Catholic doctrine. The SSPX ollows basically a Protestant principle. You attack the teaching office of the Magisterium and want to bindingly say what belongs to ecclesiastical tradition and what does not.

Are they hopeless cases?

Kasper: In any case, they do not represent a great danger for the church. You should enter into discussion with them in order to obtain unity. But the SSPX should reconsider after the generous gesture of the Pope. I see, however, up to now no sign of reflection among them. The Catholic Church no understanding of tradition which is, like the SSPX, frozen in the time before the council. We are a vibrant church.

More soon but that's all he says about the SSPX!

What happens when the ordination of a muppet is attempted? Nothing

To paraphrase the prophetic words of Duns Scotus about the ordination of women.

As the song says, Please don't make me watch it!- some of these women are Anglicans!