Friday, October 29, 2004

Ex-diocese voice talks leadership

Former spokesperson for Archdiocese of Boston speaks out.

"More than a year after leaving the Archdiocese of Boston as its public face during the clergy sexual abuse crisis, former church spokeswoman Donna M. Morrissey is still following church events and thinking that church leaders could be doing a better job at getting out their message. "

You can say that again. But what do you expect when the message is so confused and wrong in any case?

Long live Christ the King

Its not the faithful that are disagreeable

-its the Archdiocese.

The vicious circle of decline in the modern Church

As the Diocese of Brooklyn considers the closure of twenty five schools.

Lithuanian Church persecuted under Communists

and now the Archdiocese of Boston contunues where the Communists left off.

"Parishioners at St. Peter Lithuanian Catholic Church hope a replica of the impressive "Hill of Crosses'' Shrine in Siauliai, Lithuania, will impress the Archdiocese of Boston enough to keep their South Boston parish open. "