Tuesday, September 21, 2004

St Joseph's Church Sailortown, Belfast

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See also the great solidarity with the campaigners in Liverpool and Manchester.

Diocesan Neglect

A flashback to 2001. The story of how St Matthew's Church, South Royalton came to be closed.

"Instead, the driving force that eventually led to St. Matthew’s closure was the obtuse nature of the Diocese of Burlington."

Now where have we heard this before? Boston, San Francisco in the US and Liverpool in the UK to name but a few.

Today is St Matthew's Day. St Matthew and all apostles and evangelists pray for us!

The visit of the mystery priest

....and the mystery nun.

Catholic school

Closed without warning; leaving parents no alternative but to send their children to a Lutheran school.

Where's the Bishop?

St Albert the Great, Weymouth, Boston

Surprise visit of priest and nun astonishes protestors

"But parishioners expressed anger and frustration at the surprise visit of a priest and a nun, which came as the evening prayer service concluded. ''They just came unannounced," said Mary Akoury, co-chairman of the church's pastoral council. ''You don't do that. It was flawed, just as the reconfiguration process was flawed.""

Another Diocese goes down

Diocese of Tuscon files for bankruptcy