Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maverick Belgian politician asks if Cardinal's brother protected Bishop of Bruges

Dedecker veut "castrer Vangheluwe avec deux briques" -- RTL info

Dedecker also wants to "castrate Vangheluwe with two bricks"

Jean-Marie Dedecker was wanting to speak on pedophilia cases that have shaken the church. And he did not beat around the bush.

The former president of the LDD and MP Jean-Marie Dedecker believes that the ex-Bishop Roger Vangheluwe must "as a convicted pedophile, be arrested, jailed and neutered. "

" I am ready to carry out this last task using two bricks, "he said in an interview published in Het Nieuwsblad op Zondag.

Mr. Dedecker finds it unacceptable that the Catholic Church investigates pedophiles and other
sex offenders in its own ranks. For him, "it is the Justice authorities, and nobody else, who must establish what sexual offenses have taken place and prosecute."

"Conspiracies between the justice authorities and the Church"

The MP also wondered about the number of "cases of sex abuse by priests in the last thirty or forty years that were actually prosecuted " and the number that have been hidden. "How many conspiracies have there been between the justice authorities and the Church? "

Mr. Dedecker speculates further. "Remember that Danneels brother was until 2007 Chairman of Court of First Instance of Bruges. These are elements that must be addressed urgently " the MP believes.