Friday, March 27, 2009

More claims that SSPX anti-democratic

Extract from Radio Vatican
In recent months, the political scientists have designated the SSPX as unconstitutional. As an example of this, the long-standing member of the CDU Federal Committee, Gerd Langguth has said about the socio-political positions of Schmidberger that they depart from the "principles of a Christian social order" (Cathcon- Archbishop Zollitsch does not even believe there can be such a thing, having just said that there should be no such thing as a Catholic country) . Among other matters, Schmidberger supports the death penalty, opposes political parties, trade unions and parliamentary representative democracy and wanted impose one morality on society, which also prohibits contraception as well as homosexuality, blasphemy and Masonic Lodges.

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZDK) rejects the attacks of the SSPX on the German bishops. The President of the Association, Hans Joachim Meyer, said on Friday, that also the recent SSPX statement lacks a clear commitment to freedom of faith and conscience that fundamentally defines the Catholic understanding of the democratic rule of law. "We are definitely very grateful," said Meyer, "that Archbishop Zollitsch with all the vigour has started the discussion on the hostility to freedom and the anti-democratic attitude of the SSPX, and we understand our bishops."

Cathcon- the tar and feather approach to ecclesiastical politics. German history should teach these people just how odious such scapegoating is.

Medieval monk hailed by Barack Obama was a heretic

from Times Online

Another reason for Notre Dame to disinvite the President, as if there weren't enough.

Cardinal Meisner hits out at German Chancellor

Cardinal Joachim Meisner makes sharp criticism of Chancellor Merkel

Tempers may have already calmed down, but Cardinal Joachim Meisner is fueling the controversy over criticism of the Pope by the Chancellor in the case of Holocaust denier Richard Williamson. In an interview, he criticized Angela Merkel's scolding as the "biggest blunder" and urged her to apologise to Pope Bendedict XVI.

The Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner insists on an apology from Merkel.

The background is the public criticism of Merkel about the rehabilitation of Holocaust deniers Richard Williamson. "I can only say: display substance and apologise, Madam Chancellor," Meisner told the "Bild"-Zeitung.

What is happening with the Pope?

At the beginning of February Merkel publicly requested clarification from the Pope. Meisner says that he found the public scolding the Pope to have been "one of the biggest mistakes". The tone was totally unreasonable. He knew of many Catholics and Protestants who are leaving the CDU for this reason. The Chancellor was obviously not informed by her employees that the requested clarification had been made by the Pope one week earlier.

Merkel had unusually harshly criticized Benedict XVI in the debate about dealing with the Holocaust and asked for a clarification. The Pope must "very clearly" declare that he does not accept denial of the Holocaust, and that there must be "a positive dealing with Judaism ... as a whole", she said. The Pope had repealed the excommunication of Holocaust deniers Richard Williamson, and thus a storm of outrage in their own church is triggered.

"This carping at the Pope makes us ridiculous all over the world "
The cardinal stressed that contrary to widespread opinion, the Pope had not rehabilitated Williamson as a Holocaust denier." "The Pope knew nothing of the unspeakable utterances of Bishop Williamson. And the lifting of excommunication is not a rehabilitation. Certainly at times one can make mistakes. There were breakdowns in the Vatican," he said. But the Chancellor had made a mistake. On the particular criticism of a German Pope from Germany Meisner commented with the words: "Many Germans do not realise how ridiculous this carping at the Pope makes us all over the world."

In haste prior to taking my wife to hospital- more soon.
Chancellor's office said she won't be apologising. Temperatures are rising in Germany- and it is not caused by global warming!