Monday, October 09, 2006

The world the Vatican forgot

in the German-speaking Catholic Church of Kuala Lumpur.

They have an amazing array of altars to meet the alleged liturgical requirements of Vatican II.
Now meet their pastoral assistent, a stealth priestess if there ever was one, tucked away out of sight, out of mind in Kuala Lumpur.

She is allowed to preach

And scare the children.

This is the parish priest

He has not only a close professional

But also a very social relationship with his pastoral assistent.

They share many things not least the altar

No sorry, its really her altar.

There is also an extraordinarily unecessary Eucharistic minister for such a small community.

Catholicism means in this community lighting a Deepavali-Easter lamp.

How seminarians pray


in the Diocese of Linz.There was one ordination this year, that of the notorious Father Golatz. The ordination advertised above was postponed after he called for a "massive resistance to Rome". He promised silence in order to obtain Holy Orders but how long he remains silent is anyone's guess. The scandal of the affair was covered by a deal to ordain a priest in the old Latin rite to prove just how inclusive the new Bishop is.

The problem is that the old Bishop who being a Benedictine should have retired back to his monastery didn't and uses the influence of the radical Catholics in the Diocese to pressure the new Bishop. It is very revealing that in the seminary that the portrait of the old Bishop still hasn't been engraved with the year of his retirement.

Situation which is taken as normal in Linz. See also "How Jesuits pray"

Illustrated here