Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Michael Schiavo

knows no shame.

Bishop of Essen, Germany

If the Diocese was a business, we would be in official receivership. And, the Church of the people is at an end; the Church is called to live her spiritual dimension.

So now the truth comes out; the Bishop is denying that the Church should be visible on earth, just like any protestant. The Church is the Body of Christ not the church of anonymous Christians that Karl Rahner talks about.

Even more "Linz stealth priestesses"

from Kronika Novus Ordo - sorry in Polish but the pictures give an all too clear impression of what is going on. The younger woman is even styled "parish director"!

See also here

Redemtorist Convent in Bonn, Germany

becomes a wellness centre offering massage in the former Church. Traditional Catholics were prevented by Cardinal Meisner from purchasing the Church.

And more - Diocese grabs artwork

Please come to Meeting with Mayor’s rep. Justin Roja at Holy Trinity Cathedral, Van Ness and Green, 7 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 25
October 24, 2005
Dear Friends:

In the early-morning dark today, defying an order from the Department of Building Inspection, San Francisco’s Archdiocese went into St. Brigid Church and took out many of the church’s 100-year-old artwork and statues.

Our committee had been at the church, 24 hours a day, since Friday afternoon when SF police, acting on an order from the Department of Building Inspection, told the archdiocese they could not take the artwork, nor even enter the building, until the issues of St. Brigid’s landmark status and who owns the artwork have been resolved.

On Friday afternoon, members of the Committee to Save St. Brigid Church had had to lie down in the doorway to stop them until police got there. But this morning their wrecking crew got in and out while we were stuck outside, powerless, behind the locked gates of the churchyard.

Today, by the time police got there, the archdiocese’s wrecking crew had gone.

On Thursday evening SF’s Planning Commission had voted to grant landmark protection to the church, both inside and out, including the artwork the archdiocese took this morning. But their action won’t become law until the Board of Supervisors can vote, at the earliest next week.

By then, unless we can stop them, the artwork could be anywhere.

We will go into court this week to ask a judge to require the archdiocese to return the things they took until their proper ownership is determined. We hope you will be able to come to that hearing to show support for St. Brigid. We don’t know the exact time or date, but we will keep you informed – and hope you can make it.

More immediately, the Committee will meet Tuesday night with Mayor’s rep. Justin Roja, to ask for the Mayor’s help in this. Please be there to make him know we’re angry. 7 p.m. at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, Van Ness and Green.

Here are two pieces from the Chronicle on Friday and Saturday which more completely describe the situation.

URGENT-St Brigid's Church, San Francisco

Calling for your help!
October 23, 2005
Dear Friends:

We’re going to court early next week to protect St. Brigid’s interior from demolition until the city’s Board of Supervisors can act to declare the entire building, both outside and in, as a city landmark.

But because of delays required by the city’s charter, the Board cannot act to protect St. Brigid for at least two weeks.

So this week, after selling St. Brigid Church to the Academy of Art University, the Archdiocese has had crews in the sanctuary, tearing out statues and otherwise wrecking the church’s interior, racing to finish their destruction before the formal landmark designation takes effect, hoping, we presume, that what is already destroyed cannot be protected.

They have done this in defiance of no fewer than three “stop work” notices from the city’s Department of Building Inspection, for violations ranging from doing work without a permit to subjecting their workers to potential danger from the piles of fallen asbestos ceiling tiles in the sanctuary.

They have continued to try to do this, even as members of our committee have sat in the doorway of the church to block them from loading their trucks.

Friday afternoon the San Francisco Police stopped them, for the afternoon anyway, from removing the artwork.

The church’s treasures are, at this moment, staged just inside the door of St. Brigid’s sacristy, ready for quick loading into trucks.

We suspect that the Archdiocese will attempt to remove these statues (even though they are now prohibited by law from even entering the building) before a judge can act to protect them. So we are standing vigil, day and night, by the church’s doors, until a judge can issue a restraining order.

In the past few weeks they have ignored the will of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, its Planning Commission and its Department of Building Inspection, but we hope the Archdiocese will respect the will of the state’s courts.

We need your help in two things:

We don’t yet know the exact time or date of the hearing, but we hope you’ll be able to come to the State courthouse to show support (on short notice) early next week. When we get the time and date of the hearing, we’ll send another e-mail.

Help us stand vigil at the church to keep the Archdiocese from taking out the church’s artwork. Please call to volunteer: 415-364-1511 and leave a message with your number.