Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Think again, Cardinal Danneels

The Pope himself said that sections of Gaudium et Spes, "used an out-and-out Pelagian terminology".

But you wanted his job.

Monday, October 30, 2006

End game

Bishops use internet to communicate with Pope.

What is it?


Four bent sickles minus four hammers

Two crescents without two stars

Or is it a compass without direction?

No. Its meant to be a Cross, advertising the Cardinal Danneels Evangelisation Extravaganza in Brussels.

See also similar crescents and stars and the like on the World Youth Day logo

Hail the Cross. Our Only Hope. Which calls us to repentance!

The Danneels "cross" is in fact a symbol for self-centredness (scroll up for another look). Since the Council, we have heard a lot about Christo-centrism. The speakers should have saved time and said what they meant. They wanted us all to be self-centred.

All Saints Week of Evangelisation

in Brussels, starts badly as the Cathedral is closed on Sunday afternoon for the last concert of International Organ Week and Cathcon is ejected!

The poster which can be seen on almost all the Churches of Brussels says come and see!

But at the door, people found a cash desk.

For a concert of the International Organ Week.

And had to content themselves with gazing at this structure outside, which bears some resemblance to a Cross (but I doubt that any passing man/woman in the street without a Church background would realise this!)

I had in fact gone in by the back way via the bookshop where various books from the speakers of this week are on sale.

The notorious Guy Gilbert. The street is my Church. And our's too, after being evicted from the Cathedral for a concert.

Andrea Riccardi of the St Egidio Community. Preventative Peace. An Italian Ambassador has strongly criticised his Community's attempts to provide an alternative diplomatic service in the Mediteranean, protected by the influential contacts in Rome.

Timothy Radcliffe OP- see from hamburger to Eucharist, to give you an idea of the qualities of his preaching.
The Pope's works did not feature on the bookstand.

Kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament, a man who proclaimed himself a consecrated layman ordered me to leave as the concert was about to start. A woman saying the Rosary was even more upset.

More photos on the way!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Guess which religious order!


And I have only just spotted the Cross. But you can't miss the Extraordinary Minister

Yes, no surprises, its the Jesuits.

This one would look different from the late George Best if he could be bothered to wear clericals.

Here is a Jesuit celebration at a micro-altar, year and location undetermined.

Coming down to the level of the people, instead of raising them up to God.

I believe therefore in God, not in the devil.


writes the Parish Priest of St Conrad's Church, Linz, Austria in his latest parish magazine. That explains why your magazine has a picture of the devil on the front cover and an article has a skull as a watermark.

They have just had a new window installed as part of their Better Late than Never attempt to bring the building into line with the directives of Vatican II.

Looks like a descent into hell to me. Well, Adolph Hitler passed very near to the site of the Church when walking to school.

They also have a Football Pitch Mass. It says in the magazine it was celebrated by twenty-five young people and the female pastoral assistant and they add the priest.

Our Lady Help of Christians

becomes mosque.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Consecrate nations to the Sacred Heart!

And let the Sacred Heart be enthroned in our homes!

Mary, Queen and Mother of Christian Schools

Pray for and protect all Catholic schools!

Jesuit Church in Aschaffenburg

eventually became an art gallery following bombing in 1944.

The house of God should stay

Parish priest battling to save Church near Polish border with Germany.

Beatification in Germany


As a result of new rules recently issued by the Pope, he was absent from the beatification of Paul Josef Nardini which was carried out by Cardinal Wetter in the Cathedral of Speyr. The ceremony of Canonisation, at least for the time being is reserved to the Pope. Since the Beatification of Maximilian Kolbe in 1971 the Pope has carried out beatifications.

Anyone who knows Pirmasens will realise that Fr Nardini while well respected has no religious cult to speak of. He was a well-known social reformer.

The idea used to be the case that causes were taken to Rome for judgement and indeed contestation by the Devil's Advocate. Now, the Dioceses have become part of the process, as the Pope explained in a recent TV interview prior to his visit to Germany. The idea is to bring saints close to the people.

If this is taken too far, we can look forward to Blessed Cardinal Hume being beatified in Westminster Cathedral. He was buried in the Chapel of the English Saints just to hasten this process rather than his monastery. It was rather surprising therefore to learn that this holy monk had the habit of spending 1000 pounds on shoes from one of the most exclusive shoemakers in London. He once got up off his deathbed to receive an Order of Merit from the Queen of England (as she didn't want to visit him in hospital).

There is much modern laxity in the matter of sanctity. Blessed Emperor Charles of Austria would almost certainly have remained a Venerable prior to the 1983 reforms of the process.

In 1993, the Catholic Truth Society published the following pamphlet.

The only problem is that Simone Weil could not be a saint. She remained Jewish fearing that "fearing that the consolations of organised religion would impair her faith." She as an outsider had an admiration and identified with the heretical sect called the Cathars. She probably committed suicide. But apart from that she was clearly destined for sanctity. See a saint for our time.

The lack of a popular cult is clearly now no bar to canonisation and beatification. At a recent ceremony in Rome, 10000 turned out, that's just 2500 for each new saint.

Flower power


Yawn, we are back in the 60s with this dance to celebrate 150 years of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Baumgartenberg in Austria.

Night of a Thousand Lights

in Catholic Churches in Tirol. They are meant to be meditation paths. No goals specified. One dreads to think what is the object of these meditations.

De-Catholicisation of Death in Germany


as witnessed by the gravestones. How long before those that drink to the death of the Pope (the Mayor of Brussels ordered champagne!) try to ban crosses on gravestones? It is is a little known fact that in England, it is illegal to put a picture of the deceased on a gravestone. The Italians ignore the law! - but probably don't know about it anyhow.

Jesus consecrates the world

to his Mother's Immaculate Heart

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The animals, the nuns and the wardrobe

Scenes from Benedictine life in America. Benedictines brought civilisation to the whole world, not look at their sorry state, exemplified by these Sisters of St Scholastica.

Nuns to a woman

Even though the clock is ticking on these children of 1968.

They just love dressing up

Nuns are meant to take leave of the world, not leave of their senses. The one in green is not of this world, but not in the classical sense, rather in science fiction.

You are my sunshine. Shades of the Wizard of Oz.

The elephant never forgets. But they all have forgotten the Faith.

They chickened out of real religious life years ago.

This is no Noah's Ark. There will be no dove, no rainbow, no falling back of the waters for this sorry crew.

My comments are strong but I suspect St Scholastica would have some even more direct comments for them.

As would St Benedict, seen here instructing his beloved Sister Scholastica.

Not least, the Founders would wonder what need they had of a Labyrinth when they followed the Rule written by St Benedict. Seen here the Labyrinth under construction.

Cathcon has already covered a similar outfit, The Doom (sorry that should be the Dome).

Responsibility for creation


as a pastoral task. All well and good, but what about the duty to save souls. You can't talk about justice unless you wish to save souls first.
And, a priest who practiced complementary medicine, "in the herb garden of the Lord".

There is a danger of using complementary medicine to the exclusion of regular medicine. This is analogous to the danger that the activity also becomes a substitute for the religious life of a monk.

How Catholics worship in Trier, Germany

A room prepared for a Youth Mass. Don't they have enough Churches? No problem spotting the Menorah but can you see the Cross?

Before Mass begins, let's get a closer look at the host that the priest will be consecrating and the chalice he will be using.
Are we all sitting confortably? Let Mass begin.

Priests of the Diocese on their way to celebrate an open air Mass taking the Paschal candle with them.

Twig worship has also spread from the Diocese of Linz to Trier as evidenced by this and another Mass. Do the traffic cones mark out the sanctuary?

Twig worship continues through the year.