Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ad multos annos, Georg Ratzinger, 85 today.


He responds to the Angelus from the Pope

His earlier comments on the Cardinal Archbishop of Brussels/ Malines

The Clown and the Cardinal

Comment of the Year on Cathcon.

Who is this clown???Over my dead body he would destroy the Holy See...
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The Christ Child


This little babe so few days old,
Is come to rifle Satan's fold
St. Robert Southwell

I would demolish the Vatican


A quote from Guy Gilbert when asked what he would do if he became Pope.

I would demolish the Vatican. It is normal for the prestige of Belgium  that (King) Albert and (Queen) Paola have a palace but the head of the Church should be content with a small appartment. I love the pontiffs when they are not too sovereign.

A personal friend of Prince Laurent, son of King Albert, he officiated at his wedding. The sermon was written in pen on his hand, which was not edifying when it came to the consecration.

He mocks the Church who made him, just like Luther.

and with our flexible friend, Cardinal Schönborn, well-known for his alleged conservatism.

Chief Rabbi of Venice thinks Pope has cancelled fifty years of Church history

Report here.

Cathcon wishes that all of ecclesiastical history had been cancelled for the last 45 years. No such luck!

That well known liturgical orange

Taize people occupy the sanctuary during their recent Brussels event.

The peoples' church- when one takes the idea of the "People of God" too far. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ before she is anything else.
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The dog comes to church as well

when you invite Guy Gilbert to preach.

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