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Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady


Must have more balloons- Rock Mass in Germany


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The idiots they have done it after all

The destruction of Europe's spiritual centre, Rome being the Caput Mundi, by Allied bombing in World War Two.

The title of the post is a quote from the General Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin, the aristocratic commander of the German forces, also, like myself a Oxford graduate and more importantly an Oblate of St Benedict.

To his eternal credit, he had ensured that all the artwork of the Abbey was moved to Rome early in the war.

Cardinal Maglione, Secretary of State bluntly told the senior U.S. diplomat to the Vatican, Harold Tittmann, that the bombing was "a colossal blunder . . . a piece of a gross stupidity."

SSPX attacked by Jews, Greens and homosexuals- simultaneously!

Goths at the CSD Parade

Greens and Jews call for consequences
After the SSPX compares homosexuals with Nazis the Central Council of German Jews have urged a response from the Vatican. The Greens want to turn to the authorities charged with protecting the constitution.

General Secretary of the Central Council, Stephan Kramer said on Thursday about the comparison of the SSPX protest against the Christopher Street Day (CSD) with the Catholic resistance to Nazism: "The tenor of the SSPX comparison and its absurdity reveals everything about whose spiritual children they are. "Kramer added:" After the warm embrace of the group by the Pope, I am annoyed with this expression of opinion. "

The Green politician Volker Beck suggested a monitoring of the SSPX by the authorities charged with protecting the constitution. The "agitation" of the SSPX proves that they are "not only outside the Catholic Church, but also outside the democratic constitutional state," said the head of the Greens in the Bundestag. Who compares their own protest against the CSD with the resistance against the Nazis insults all the victims of National Socialism.

Beck speaks of "perfidious call"

Pope Benedict XVI in January withdrew the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX. Among them was Bishop Richard Williamson who in a television interview had denied the Holocaust. In the new edition of the "newsletter" of SSPX in Germany, there is a call to protest against the "perverse" Lesbian and Gay Parade of the CSD in Stuttgart called: "How proud we are when we read in a history book that there were Catholics in the Third Reich Catholics who were brave and who said: 'We won’t take part in this madness! ". Similarly, Catholics must be daring again today! "

Beck said during the Third Reich thousands of homosexuals were imprisoned in concentration camps and murdered. The "perfidious call" the SSPX insults in particular the courageous Catholics in the Third Reich who resisted the murderous regime. The "unchristian and inhuman agitation" of the SSPX against homosexuals was "unbearable". They even regret that homosexuality in Germany is no longer punishable.

CSD organizers support charges

The organizers of the CSD in Stuttgart support criminal charges against the author of the text. Although a democracy must tolerate different opinions, "what the SSPX are doing here is an entirely new form of confrontation, which is clearly a case of hatred," said the general manager of the CSD Stuttgart, Christoph Michl. He was "shocked" about the "new and intolerable dimension of the agitation against gays and lesbians."

The new publication of the SSPX "scrapes the bottom of the barrel". This new "hate message" illustrates how important the CSD-political parade on 1 August in Stuttgart's city centre still is: "We hope that people will distance themselves clearly from such radical interference and express solidarity with their gay fellow citizens."

The comparison with the Nazi times which the SSPX want to use, is a "total error", stated the spokesman for the Diocese, Thomas Broch. The same could be said about the "apparent presumption" of the SSPX to place their protest on the same level as the resistance to National Socialism.

The devil was to be found at the same event organised in Berlin- but he is also welcome in surprising places in the modern church.

Homosexual adopter charged with child abuse.

Is this the first of many cases? Should the precautionary principle be adopted?

Health director Lombard faces child sex charges - News