Sunday, March 12, 2006

2nd Cathcon Caption Competition


The new Bishop of Linz and friends.

Closing date midnight, last day of March. A biography of a saint will be given as a prize.

1st Cathcon Caption Competition

The winner is DCS over on Angelqueen.

"I think it was a mistake to invite the Anglican bishops. While I like their feathered miters, I can't help but think their vestments are a little revealing. Let's look stoic and pretend we don't notice."

Judge's (my) decision is final! The Michael Davies book on the Rising in the Vendee in France to the victor.
Published by The Remnant

My apologies for the lateness of the annoucement. A terrible week.

Slow vandalisation.


The Church of St Arnulf in Trier until 1954.

Until 1972


The decorators forgot to take their ladder away. Parish Festival 2004.

Modern Catholics doing Carnival in a parish in Germany.

The X-Fest


or what passes for pastoral care of youth in Austria.

Devotion to Our Lady

Competing with the rock band

A Dominican.

Leads prayers.

But not for very long- don't want to interrupt the party spirit of Vatican II.

Vatican Council Remembrance Church in Vienna


Yes, that is how this Church on Cardinal Koenig Platz is referred to most of the time. Also known occasionally as the Church of St Ignatius. Erected 1967-8. Staffed by Jesuits (no surprise here!). Perhaps a more accurate translation would be Memorial Church.

Not much art and the art there is is bad modern.

This concrete stairway is not going to heaven.

Cold, concrete inhuman. Strange that the Council proclaimed humanism and then architecture like this was the result.

The youth group in the parish is called the Praystation and seems to confuse salvation with going on a package holiday.

Within the parish is the Jesuit training centre Cardinal Koenig House. They are very proud of their meditation room. They do have a chapel but in their promotional material, this is classified under "other rooms".

For comparison, the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council. Where did it all go wrong?

The glories of Catholic Lancashire

destroyed by the reformation.

When Catholics were reduced

to worshiping in houses.

"It had been the residence of John Entwistle. There is a Latin inscription on the gable.' I am told by one of the oldest Protestant tradesmen that when he was a boy he remembered a big room at the top of the house with 'strange arrangements'; but he had never heard that it had been a place of Catholic worship, or that it was called a Mass house'; Abbot O'Neill, O.S.B. of Aughton. In 1701 the Jesuit Fr. Gillibrand is said to have 'helped' at Ormskirk."