Monday, September 25, 2006

Most scandalous picture ever of a Catholic Mass

countesy of Delerious KEY2LIFE (picture further down)

More Catholic youth work in Austria. Surprised that they don't have a rock band called "Apostasy" - that's certainly the long-term effect of their efforts.

This is the cover of the official Austrian Catholic Youth magazine.

"In love, married, divorced?" is hardly a headline which teaches the virtue of fidelity.

Reading the whole magazine, a deep ambivalence can be found depending on whether you take heros (such as Superman) and Hollywood stars as role models or as an example to avoid.

and within they conflate the reality of Jesus with the modern myth of Superman. "What has Superman learnt from Jesus?" Nothing. Superman does not exist, but God does and is not mocked.Their latest Superman poster here.

This is the latest KEY2LIFE Mass.

As sponsored by Raifaissen Bank (the logo on the tents)

Where many are dressed as if they are members of a strange protestant sect.

The reading of the Epistle, which commands the immediate attention of the priests present.

The most scandalous picture ever taken at any Mass, anywhere in the world.

Last year. Flower power.

And look who's came to visit. Its the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna. The Logo behind, refering to the tram. "Now there is some nostalgia in the journey."

who actively supports these initiatives.

The Bronx Brothers. Maybe they are Franciscans.
But if so, it is not their job to produce HELL ON EARTH.

See also

for Viennese Masses but also

the Wizard of Oz Mass in America and the Ping Pong Mass for real competition in seeing who can squeeze the most liturgical abuse into one Mass.

Cardinal O'Malley blogs

celebrating Mass at Padre Pio Shrine. I think we can all take a fairly educated guess as to what St Pio would have said to church closures in Boston.

St Francis Chapel

closing with the usual lame excuses and vilification of devout Catholics.

"There is no intention to reverse this decision and it is fully expected that any person present in the chapel will conduct themselves with all respect for the Holy Eucharist," said yesterday's statement from diocese spokesman Mark Dupont.

Just who is abusing the Blessed Sacrament with a statement like this?

Hezbollah rocket strike

almost destroyed Carmelite monastery in Haifa.

"The first rocket to strike Haifa landed in Stella Maris, next to an ancient Carmelite convent overlooking the Prophet Elijah's cave."

More from St Brigids

Landmarking the Church
Currently, the ordinance to landmark the church is with the Land Use Committee of the Board of Supervisors. This ordinance will landmark the exterior of the church including the Harry Clarke stained glass windows.

The Land Use Committee will hear the ordinance this Wednesday, September 27. We are hopeful that the ordinance will move out of this Committee and go to the Board of Supervisors for a vote. The owners of the building, the Academy of Art University, oppose the landmarking.

Please attend this meeting and show your support for making St. Brigid Church a City Landmark! It is vital that we have a large presence at this meeting. The hearing begins at 1:00 p.m. in City Hall, Room 263.

A Challenge to our National Register and California Register Listing
The Academy of Art University recently petitioned the State Office of Historic Preservation requesting that St. Brigid Church be removed from the Determined Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places (National Register) and from listing in the California Register of Historical Resources (California Register). St. Brigid was added to these listings in 1995. Parishioners, John Herrera, James Peterson, and Robert Tokarski, helped make this possible. The report was written by Anne Bloomfield. The Committee's friend, Loren Charles, produced a 9 Minute video which helped to illustrate the beauty of the church.

There will be two hearings regarding this petition.

The City Landmark Preservation Advisory Board will hear the petition on Wednesday, October 4 at 12:00 or 12:30 pm, City Hall, Rm 400. Letters of support should be addressed to:

Mark Luellen
San Francisco Planning Department
1660 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103 -2414

The State Historical Resources Commission is scheduled to take action on these requests at its regular meeting on Friday, October 27, 2006, to be held in Sacramento, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Please show your support by writing a letter to the Commission. Written comments regarding this matter should be received by the Office of Historic Preservation no later than October 10, 2006. Letters should be addressed to:

Milford Wayne Donaldson, FAIA
State Historic Preservation Officer
Office of Historic Preservation
P.O. Box 942896
Sacramento, CA 94296 -0001

More information on these topics, including letter writing tips.

Please call us at 415-346-1511 or email us at if you can attend the September 27 hearing. This hearing is very important and we would like to have a count of how many people can attend.


Beatriz St. John
Chair Pro Tem

Are the treasures of the temple

Back in the Holy Land?

Dr John Rao's writings

Spectacular collection of wisdom.