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Vatican Wants More From Bishop Williamson

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Bishop Fellay rejects Vatican II

«La Fraternité Saint-Pie X n'est pas prête à reconnaître Vatican II» :: Le Courrier :: Quotidien suisse et indépendant

The Vatican requires recognition of the Council to reinstate the Lefebvrists. It is "putting the cart before the horse," complains Bishop Fellay.

The lifting of the excommunication of four bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX) does not mean "integration" in the Church, but is a door open to "dialogue", stated the Secretary of State , February 4, in response to the controversy caused by the remarks of negationist and rehabilitated prelate, Bishop Richard Williamson (who has just returned to Britain). But Rome as a condition of integration requires "full recognition of Vatican II" and "the teaching of Popes John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI himself." No problem for the second point, but the schismatic fraternity is sticking to its position in regard to its virulent denunciation of the Council on behalf of their struggle for the restoration of the tradition.

According to the SSPX, dates for dialogue meetings have not yet been fixed, but both parties are working on them. Interview with the SSPX Bishop Bernard Fellay - successor to the late Archbishop Lefebvre.

The condition imposed by Rome to reinstate the Fraternity in the Church is the recognition of Vatican II. Is the SSPX willing to take that step?

No. The Vatican has recognised the need for preliminary meetings to address substantive issues arising precisely from Vatican II. To make the recognition of the council a prerequisite would be to put the cart before the horse.

You would have said, in interviews with the Roman authorities aimed at reinstatement that you wish to achieve a solid restoration of the Church. Your hope is therefore that the Church can turn her back on the achievements of Vatican II?

Yes, because these gains are pure loss: the fruits of the council were empty seminaries, churches and novitiates. Thousands of priests have abandoned their priesthood and millions of the faithful have ceased to practice or have turned to cults. The belief of the faithful has been distorted. Really, its funny to understand!

In this respect, is the SSPX still hostile to freedom of conscience in matters of religion, ecumenism and interreligious dialogue?

It is clear that adherence to a religion requires a free act. So often when people say that the SSPX is against freedom of conscience in matters of religion, one attributes to the SSPX a theory that it does not hold. Conscious is the ultimate judge the goodness of our actions. And in this sense no one can act against his conscience without sin. But conscious is not an absolute, it depends on good and the true ends and therefore every man has the duty to train and educate authentically his conscience. Thus the Church must be a responsible mother who enlightens and guides our minds and often simply removes shadows. With regard to ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, it all depends on what we mean by these words. There is great confusion about this. Of course, like any human being and for the good of society we want to live in peace with all men, our fellow human beings. In religious matters, we wish to respond strongly to the desire of Our Lord: "Let all be one", so there will be finally just one flock, one shepherd ... "If ecumenism means the continuation of this noble goal, we are of course for it. If you can see in contrast a path that does not support this fundamental unity, unity that leads necessarily to a view of truth - which the Catholic Church still claims today to be the sole possessor in its entirety! - then we protest.

In fact, we see that ecumenism remains at a very superficial level of understanding and living in society, but does not approach fundamental matters.

From what status within the church could the SSPX benefit?

We'll see if these doctrinal discussions produces something positive. Whatever God wants!

Slovakian bishop says lesbians and homosexuals are perverse.

In Slovakia, a bishop has become invoved in the ongoing presidential campaign - and has made comments against lesbians and gays. The newspaper "Pravda" (probably not the Pravda but a Slovakian Pravda (the word means truth), says Rudolf Balaz, head of the diocese of Banska Bystrica described in a sermon homosexuals as "perverts", who should not get the right to adopt children . Zuzuna Martikova, a candidate for the presidency, now calls for consequences: Matikovka said that the bishop in his speech had offended homosexuals and should apologize. With the rest of the sermon, Balaz attacked the candidate of the opposition center-right parties, Iveta Radicova because he is not clearly for an abortion ban . Radicova is outraged: "The remarks of Bishop Rudolf Balaz grieved my family and my relatives." She wants clarify the matter personally with Bishop Balaz . The first ballot of the presidential elections in Slovakia will be held on 21 March and if necessary a second ballot on 4 April. The current office-holder Ivan Gasparovic has, according to opinion polls, great chances of reelection.

"Every Catholic must be clear that he cannot vote for a candidate who takes a position opposed to the moral laws of the Church." Bishop Balaz

Bishop Williamson, neo-Nazis and SSPX

from Articles of Faith

See also Critics reject apology

Bishop of Linz summoned to Rome

at short notice

Coadjutor or apostolic visitation on the way? According to the article more Austrian bishops are supporting the idea of a visitation.

Main Vienna newspaper says that The Diocese of Linz is not at peace.

According to the news service Bishop Ludwig Schwarz was called to Rome to give his position on the case of Fr Wagner. Wagner, whose resignation letter has now arrived in the Congregation of Bishops, has declared that only under pressure did he withdraw from the office of the Bishop of Linz. According to Pope Benedict XVI now has the case in primary focus and will personally take care of the matter.

According to in the Vatican, there are increasing calls for a visitation and a visit of inspection for the Diocese . Supposedly also several Austrian bishops, leveling behind the scenes criticisms of Bishop Schwarz for his Causa Wagner practice, call for a papal visitation in Linz. Such visitations are rare. The best known in recent times was in the seminary of St. Pölten in 2004.

In Rome, supposedly also the possibility of a Coadjutor Bishop for Bishop Schwarz is not excluded. The Coadjutor has, in contrast to the Bishop, special powers and has the right to be the bishop's successor.

Storm over Bishop Mixa for connecting holocaust and abortion


Holocaust und Abtreibung: Mixa wehrt sich gegen "bösartige" Vorwürfe Aktuelles aus Franken Studio Franken BR

Holocaust and abortion
Mixa fighting against "malicious" allegations

A speech by the Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg at an event to CSU in Frankish Dinkelsbühl faces criticism: The Bishop made a connection between the number of Holocaust victims and the abortions carried out in Germany in recent years. Allegations that Mixa relativised the Holocaust have been rejected by the diocese "with indignation".

Mixa was a guest speaker on the theme "Values and Ethics in Politics" at an event organized by the Dinkelsbühl CSU, when he brought the two issues together. In an allusion to the debate about the SSPX Mixa stressed that the Holocaust on the scale of six million deaths had certainly taken place. The Bishop of Augsburg, adding that this figure had already been exceeded by the number of abortions.
"Holocaust must never be compared"

For some listeners the comparison caused resentment. Even the Mayor of Dinkelsbühl, Christoph Hammer, who was the host believes the connection of the two themes to be infelicitous. "The Holocaust is such a horrible, brutal crime that it can never be compared to another injustice," said Mayor Buehler to the Bayerischer Rundfunk. With all due respect for the bishop, these should not be compared, says the Lord Mayor continuing: "The Incomparable and unimaginable cannot be relativised."

Diocese rejects sharply allegations
Meanwhile, the Augsburg Diocese defends itself against allegations There could be no question of a relativisation of the "ghastly injustice against the Jewish people", said diocese spokesman Christoph Goldt. The spokesman said, Mixa on contrary had sharply distanced himself in the CSU Ash Wednesday meeting in Dinkelsbühl from the Holocaust denier and bishop of the SSPX Richard Williamson and denoted the murder of six million Jews as an appalling and unique crime.

Accusation "absurd and evil"

Bishop Mixa then "in a broader context" of the theme "ethics and morality in politics," pointed out that even at the present time crimes are being committed against life. The bishop referred to, among other things, the number of abortions in the past decades, which according to expert estimates, has now exceeded nine million. To contruct a relativization of the Holocaust by the bishop out of this was "absurd and malicious." Also, by specifying the different figures in different issue areas no relativization of the Holocaust was made, said diocese spokesman Goldt.

Bishop Mixa has a record of being provocative, not least in Israel.

Vatican not satisfied with Bishop Williamson

Bishop's apology over Holocaust denial not enough: Vatican International Reuters

EU consider sanctions against Bishop Williamson

Reactions - Heimkehr des Holocaust-Leugners: EU prüft Sanktionen gegen Williamson - Europa

The half-apology for his denial of the mass murder of Jews could be of little use to the Bishop. Upon his return home to Britain the EU's Justice Ministers are considering legal action Williamson. Also, the German Minister of Justice wants “to deal with him". The Holocaust denier Richard Williamson following his return to Europe can expect to be prosecution. The European Framework Decision on action to combat Racism and Xenophobia could offer a tool against the priest of the Catholic SSPX, said the EU Presidency spokesman, Czech Justice Minister Jiri Pospisil in prior discussions with his counterparts on Friday in Brussels. "Personally I think it's possible, but it must be discussed," said Pospisil.

The crucial question is whether, as racism and xenophobia were criminalised under national law added Pospisil. The Williamson case is not yet on the agenda of the Council of Ministers: "We could think about it more in the future." Even Federal Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries advocated action against the priest, who publicly denied the destruction of millions of Jews in gas chambers by the Nazis: "In any case, he has arrived in the EU," said Zypries. The Regensburg Prosecutor is already investigating Williamson after his statements made in a TV interview in the Bavarian town of Zaitzkofen. An arrest warrant or extradition request against the bishop has not yet been issued.

Williamson on Wednesday returned from Argentina to his home in Britain. He apologized to the Pontifical Commission responsible for traditionalists for his remarks: "I'm sorry, these statements are to have made." The content of his allegations however the SSPX member would not take back. The case has attracted worldwide attention, because Pope Benedict XVI has lifted the exclusion of the priests from the Catholic Church. Williamson refused to comply with the call of the pope to retracts his statements.

Video of arrival of Bishop Williamson in London


Central Council of German Jews repudiates Bishop Williamson's "messed up" declaration


The first reactions to the new declaration are not exactly positive: The Vice-President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Dieter Graumann has rejected the apology of Bishop Richard Williamson for his Holocaust denial as a "third-class regret".

"Williamson takes his false theories about the Holocaust and its denial in no way back, but he regrets only that his words have had a harmful effect," said Graumann in conversation with "".

Williamson had also stated his opinion had been formed 20 years ago "because of the then existing evidence" "As if 20 years ago the existence of the Holocaust was placed in doubt," Graumann is outraged, adding: "No: this thoroughly messed up declaration by Williamson unfortunately takes nothing back, admits rather in the conclusion that he holds Holocaust denial, which he has already given pathologically full expression to for many years, again as upright. "

For Graumann, the theme to "not in any way removed from the table, but more topical than ever." He made again in this connection sharp criticism of Pope Benedict XVI. The excommunication of Williamson despite the Holocaust-denial, as well as three other traditionalist bishops of the ultra-conservative SSPX was withdrawn. "This fatal mistake of the Vatican has unfortunately ongoing validity," said Graumann.

Williamson apologised on Thursday in a declaration published in London for his controversial statements about the Holocaust. He asked all who were sincerely shocked because of his words, " for forgiveness before God," which was reported by the Catholic Internet agency "" quoting the statement. Williamson had about four months ago claimed that there was no historical evidence for the existence of gas chambers and not six million Jews, but 200 000 to 300 000 Jews were murdered by the Nazis.

Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop Bernard Fellay had invited him to rethink the remarks which he had made four months before to Swedish TV because of their very serious consequences were it was. He says, "Observing these consequences I can truthfully say that I regret having made such remarks, and that if I had known beforehand the full harm and hurt to which they would give rise, especially to the Church, but also to survivors and relatives of victims of injustice under the Third Reich, I would not have made them."