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Chairman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference shows his true colours- Cathcon became April Fool!

Death for hire

Belgium argues on about euthanasia

Wailing Wall of Attnang

心中一片天 - 小灝

Former Chief Rabbi on Rome on Pope Pius XII

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Poland's seminaries

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The Wisdom of the Labyrinth and the Christian Experience of Grace

Regina Caeli, Laetare!

Catholic scientist

Christ off the Springboard

New Muslim spokesman in Germany may not be all he seems

Catholic institutions employed nearly 6000 forced labourers

The Onward March of the Latin Mass

We have only ourselves to blame

Easter Dancing in Linz

Signs point towards

You are meant to genuflect

Further Secularization of Catholic Education in Quebec

News from once Catholic Austria

Pray for all the Easter Catechumens

Happy Easter to all Cathcon readers

But we preach Christ crucified

Lebensraum Mass

Who in the same night that He was betrayed.

New interpretation of Last Supper

Jews debate

St Francis ended the Cold War

Vatican is Bored

Shrine to first city Church in Liverpool

Radical Unorthodoxy

The Curt Jester- brilliant as ever

Pope Pius XII celebrates Mass

Pontifical Mass of Archbishop Haas

Mass as it is understood

To Kiss is to Pray.

Once Catholic Ireland

Today the raising of Lazarus is commemorated

The strange case of the disappearing altar boys

There are parishes in Brussels without priests on Sunday

Friends, Romans and Countrymen

If one soul is lost eternally

Vatican to issue conciliatory note

Buy Catholic books

A Very Short History of the Catholic Church since 1970

No turning back now

New Papal Cross

Catholic College Leaders expect Pope

Summorum Pontificum in the Seminary

Polish Catholic Youth Work

Funeral Mass for the Archbishop of Mosul

Women's Liturgy in the Diocese of Linz

Stealth priestess- midi, no longer a mini

He carries the King of King and Lord of Lords

iGod- Catholic youth work in Vienna

Youth Church in Vienna

BBC to exonerate Judas

Pray for bishop's witness to life

Vatican official says Anglican head naive on Sharia

Coronation of the Divine Infant King

Hardline bishops ready to reopen hostilities

The Second Vatican Council

Feud over Cardinal's body

No rehabilitation of Luther

Jazz Mass

The stealth priestess is risen. She dances.

Weak scent of the rehabilitation of Luther

New ice age between Catholics and Jews

Good Jesuit, Bad Jesuit

Will the Turkish Prime Minister support Church building

Support Homeschooling in California- urgent!

Cardinal dialogues with Freemasons

Cathcon is passed a letter!

Favoured candidate of Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna

Under the Patronage of "Saint" Mahatma Ghandi