Monday, March 31, 2008

Chaiman of German Catholic Bishops' Conference shows his true collours

Radio Vatikan
Cathcon translation of
Beschränkung aufs Kerngeschäft
Limitation to core business

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg resigns - as a theological consultant to the Ecumenical Network "Initiative Church from Below". He had very much enjoyed "mutually benefifical cooperation on their theological advisory board" of the association, said Zollitsch at a board meeting in Bonn. But his new post as Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference forced him "to limit myself to my core business". "Church from Below" is a coalition of nearly forty "base communities, churches and social groups in the tradition of the political left of Catholicism and protestantism and liberation theology". Archbishop Zollitsch was for several years a member of the Theological Advisory Council of the Federation. The Board was formed in 1980 by the late Jesuit and conciliar theologian, Karl Rahner.

Cathcon puts 2 and 2 together and makes 4. Research assistant to Karl Rahner was one Karl Lehmann, later Cardinal and predecessor of Zollitsch as chairman of the Bishops' Conference. Any thought that Cardinal Lehmann would use his influence to get a man in his own image elected as his successor should be immediately be dismissed.

Death for hire

Suicide machine lets you push final button

Roger Kusch was once a Christian Democrat- if the others are anything like him, one cannot wonder that Catholic bishops have speculated openly that the word Christian should be removed from the name. They would then become what they are- democrats who set themselves above the natural law.

Kusch claims to be a right winger- true if you consider right-wingers to be those who pursue national socialist policies which in the end amounts to little more than a death cult.

Belgium argues on about euthanasia


Cathcon translation of
Belgien streitet weiter über Sterbehilfe

A spokesman for the Belgian church defended the Church’s rejection of active euthanasia. Cardinal Godfried Danneels did need to be ashamed of his remarks, said his spokesman Hans Geybels in the newspaper "De Standaard" (Monday). The Brussels Cardinal had notably stated his opposition after the death through euthanasia of writer Hugo Claus who was suffering, placing euthanasia again at the centre of press attention.

At the funeral service for Claus, the writer Erwin Mortier Danneels had demanded that Danneels needed to be ashamed; church dignitaries wanted to give lessons after the death. It was not a heroic deed to play out his alleged moral superiority in such a situation.

Already Danneels had earlier made clear that he had not wished to criticise in his Easter sermon the writer who had died not two weeks before. Among other things, he had to explain that there are other ways to alleviate suffering. Through euthanasia, the meaning of death would be taken away.

Church rejects further legislative changes

Danneels' spokesman said that the Catholic Church was for an extension of hospice medical services and that palliative care should be strengthened. By contrast, the church was against an extension of the Belgian law on euthanasia to dementia patients and minors, as once again the Flemish Liberals had proposed. The Christian Democrat coalition partners already signalled rejection. Liberal politicians therefore announced at the weekend, for an effort to search for majorities outside of the government coalition.

Cathcon comment- Cardinal Danneels does the right thing.

Wailing Wall of Attnang


a wall set up in a parish in Austria does not quite fit into the history of salvation. Seen here with the Pastoral Assistent responsible.

心中一片天 - 小灝

Cardinal Zen says Latin Mass.

Translation anybody!?

Former Chief Rabbi on Rome on Pope Pius XII

Cathcon translation of
Toaff verteidigt Pius XII.

The former chief rabbi of Rome sees the relations between the Vatican and Judaism as not in a crisis. "We are still on the right track," said Elio Toaff in an interview. The excitement around the reformulated Good Friday intercession in the old Rite can be judged in his view as unfounded.To quote Toaff : "Let us be serious. Everyone is free to pray, as he believes. I cannot understand certain polemics "Toaff also defended Pope Pius XII. He is to his mind no anti-Semite. Instead, he rescued many Jews from certain death. "

Magdi Allam recounts

his path to conversion

Poland's seminaries

In 2006, there were 1029 new entrants but in 2007, only 786 entered.

In 2005, hand communion was introduced in Poland for the first time. This was the price of financial support from the Church in Germany.

Decline of the priesthood

According to the Pastoral-Theological Institute of St.Gallen there were 1555 Diocesan priests in Switzerland in 1983, down to 973 in 2005. The number of lay workers has quadrupled in the same period. In 1958, there were 2280 Diocesan priests in Switzerland.

In 1950, there were 2 million Catholics in Switzerland, there are now 3 million as a result of Italian immigration in the 1970s.

But wait a minute, only 25 percent of them practice their religion, so the number of practicing Catholics/ priest has gone down from 877 to 770, if one assumes 100 percent practice- maybe about the same if there was 80 percent practice.

There is a shortage of practicing Catholics, not of priests.

The Wisdom of the Labyrinth and the Christian Experience of Grace


An evening in the Cathedral of Klagenfurt with Bishop Alois Schwarz and the psychologist, Ulrike Blumenthal was accompanied by dancing.

Regina Caeli, Laetare!


Catholic scientist

Sir Leszek Borysiewicz says Church is wrong on hybrid embryo Bill

Just how far does one have to go before you talk yourself out of the Church? I bet he is a friend of Lord Chris "I would die for the principle of intercommunion" Patten.

Christ off the Springboard


A work by one Werner Hofmeister- who claims that the suffering on the Cross is for Christ only a springboard and he has turned the Cross into a symbol of freedom and borderlessness. The rust colour symbolises apparently building works in progress.

A world away from the Passion of Mel Gibson who understood the magnitude of the suffering of Christ.

De profundis clamavi ad te, Domine:
Domine, exaudi vocem meam:
Fiant aures tuae intendentes,
in vocem deprecationis meae.

Si iniquitates observaveris, Domine:
Domine, quis sustinebit?
Quia apud te propitiatio est:
et propter legem tuam sustinui te, Domine.
Sustinuit anima mea in verbo eius:
speravit anima mea in Domino.

A custodia matutina usque ad noctem:
speret Israel in Domino.
Quia apud Dominum misericordia:
et copiosa apud eum redemptio.

Et ipse redimet Israel,
ex omnibus iniquitatibus eius.

Gloria Patri, et Filio,
et Spiritui Sancto.
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper,
et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

Out of the depths I have cried to Thee, O Lord: * Lord, hear my voice.
Let Thy ears be attentive * to the voice of my supplication.
If Thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: * Lord, who shall stand it?
For with Thee there is merciful forgiveness: * and by reason of thy law, I have waited for Thee, O Lord.
My soul hath relied on His word, * my soul hath hoped in the Lord.
From the morning watch even until night, * let Israel hope in the Lord.
Because with the Lord there is mercy: and with him plentiful redemption.
And he shall redeem Israel * from all his iniquities.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son, * and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, * world without end. Amen.

Meanwhile, the artist has gone into mass production.
An old heresy that Christ did not really suffer, dressed up as modern art.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Muslim spokesman in Germany may not be all he seems

Why is it so difficult to see the appointment of a Milli Görüs representative as the Spokesman for German Muslims in an unreservedly positive light?

Most Germans imagine a person such as Ali Kizilkaya when they think of a properly integrated Muslim. Kizilkaya, born in 1963, has lived since 1972 in Germany and he speaks German better than many native Germans, and his wife has married him quite voluntarily. In interviews, he said that he hates violence, racism and anti-Semitism and that imams should preach more often in German. He says that the Koran requires women to wear headscarves, but women have the freedom not to wear them. If such a man on the 28 March became spokesman of the Coordination Council of Muslims (RRM), no one would need to discuss further, one might think.

But there will be discussions. Ali Kizilkaya is Chairman of the Islamic Council in Germany. And he is a member of Milli Görüs, that organization that dominates the Islamic Council. And the civil servants whose role it is to protect the German constitution have observed that the ideology of the Milli Görüs-leader, Necmettin Erbakan is Islamist and believes some utterances from the ranks of the movement to be aggressive and anti-Semitic. These were individual cases said Kizilkaya and refers to the young management team of Milli Görüs, who have nothing more to do with the hardliners of the first generation.

For the specialist journalist and Islamic scholar, Claudia Dantschke this is, at best, half the truth: "There are young, educated and open people at Milli Görüs," she says, "but there's no distancing from Erbakan’s ideology and no separation from the mother party in Turkey. " Financial and ownership issues around the organization remain in the dark.

Too big to ignore

And some of the younger members were particularly radical - some even died in Chechnya in Jihad. Even some RRM member are concerned even before the date after which the Milli Görüs-man Kizilkaya could speak for them for six months. Furthermore, the tightly-run organization that reaches an estimated 70,000 people, is too big and too powerful to ignore.

Especially because the other associations have similar problems with fundamentalists in their own ranks. The Central Council of Muslims has in Aiman Mazyek a General Secretary who is skilled in dialogue and in Ayyub Axel Köhler a charming chairmen – but on the board also sits Farouk Ibrahim al-Zayad, the chief of the Islamic Community of Germany (IGD), who the Constitutional Protection authorities regard as the largest organization of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

Al-Zayad lost to Köhler the election for chairman, but he remains powerful: His company is alleged to be taking part in more than 100 construction projects of mosques in Germany. He has married the niece of Necmettin Erbakan and therefore has the best contacts to Milli Görüs. In the Second Islamic Conference in Germany, he sat as a guest - to the anger of liberal Muslims. Also, the Association of Islamic cultural centres (VIKZ) is controversial - its educational work is considered as hostile to integration.

The largest association of the RRM, the Turkish State Mosque Association DITIB is relatively transparent - but also always depends on the policy of Turkey. Because of this, the Coordinating Conference is still far away from becoming an independent representation of Muslims in Germany, as the new office for Kizilkaya makes clearly evident. But a scandal is probably inevitable: The next Islamic Conference is only in the autumn. The fact is that Interior Minister Wolfgang Schauble will unlikely sit on the same podium as a Milli Görüs-man.


Catholic institutions employed nearly 6000 forced labourers


Dusseldorf (RPO). In an academic study in what form and to what extent Catholic institutions during the Nazi era employed forced labour can now be shown. According to the German Bishops' Conference on Tuesday, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, will present in Mainz on 4 April the whole historical documentation (now changed to the 8th April due to the death of Bishop Rolly)

It was the costliest research in recent decades in the area of research into Catholicism, said the bishops' conference. As early as 2005, the Bonn Commission for Contemporary History of the Bishops' Conference stated that they have researched the fate of 4,829 foreign workers and 1,075 prisoners of war who worked in Catholic institutions during the Second World War.

The documentary contains 27 Diocesan reports which in the course of the investigations depict the record of the conditions in each Diocese, the conditions in the facilities and the use forced labour mainly from Poland and the Soviet Union. In addition, the efforts of the pastoral care and noteworthy individual cases as well as reconciliation initiatives since the year 2000 are documented.

The Catholic Church decided in 2000, unlike the Protestant Church not to make payments into the State Compensation Fund of the "Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future" but to independently compensate forced labourers in Catholic institutions. Five million marks (2.55 million euros) for the compensation of the individuals concerned and a further five million marks for the strengthening of religious and social reconciliation work were made available.

Cathcon comment- Oscar Schindler employed many forced labourers and thereby saved many lives.

The Onward March of the Latin Mass


We have only ourselves to blame

Muslims more numerous than Catholics

Easter Dancing in Linz


The President for most of the service

The priest got to say a prayer

Dance- the perfect end
For some reason, Noel Coward came to mind- can't think why.

Words - Noel Coward

Though your only seventeen, far too much of life you've seen
syncopated child.
Maybe if you only knew, where your path is leading to,
you'd come home less wild.
But I know it's vain, trying to explain,
while there's this insane, music in your

Dance, dance, dance, little lady! Youth is fleeting to the
rhythm beating in your mind.
Dance, dance, dance, little lady, so obsessed with second
best, no rest, you'll ever find.
Time and tide and trouble, never, never wait,
let this cauldron bubble, justify your fate.
Dance, dance, dance, little lady, dance, dance, dance, little lady!
Leave tomorrow behind.

(Tempo di Charleston)
When the saxophone gives a wicked moan,
Charleston. Hey! Hey!
Rhythms, fall and,
rise, start dancing
to the tune the band's crooning for soon the
night will be gone. Start swaying
like a read without heeding the speed that hur-
ries you on.
African melodies,
syncopate your nerves till your body curves,
drooping, stooping,
laughter, someday,
dies, and when the
lights are starting to gutter,
dawn through the shutter,
shows you're living in a world of

Signs point towards

Pope’s Celebration of the Mass

Saturday, March 29, 2008

You are meant to genuflect


unless you are in the Linz Town Parish Church, during the so-called "Long Night of the Churches", which is clearly too long for some people.

Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna takes leave of Catholic morals

with exhibition promoting homosexuality in Cathedral museum.

How long before Archbishop is forced to take leave of his Archdiocese? The news should come as no surprise as the Cardinal permitted homosexual couples to be blessed in his cathedral on St Valentine's Day.

Please be warned that the images in the video are shocking.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Further Secularization of Catholic Education in Quebec

Quebec seeps further into secularism.  Law 95, passed recently, fully removes Catholic instruction from Quebec's schools and replaces it with a course in "religious ethics" (read: education in religious indifferentism).

Cardinal Ouellet of Quebec is one of the few voices attempting to stem the tide of secularism which has overtaken Quebec since approximately 1960.  One of the worst mistakes made by Cardinal Leger of Montreal and the Quebec hierarchy was turning over all Catholic education over to the state.  Quebec is reaping the fruits of these errors in the utter lack of catechesis and religious practice.

Bonne Sainte Anne, priez pour Quebec!
Good Saint Anne, pray for Quebec!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

News from once Catholic Austria

Soon every second priest will be from abroad.

Translation to follow- but the graph says a lot.

Cathcon now has the figures for 1958 for every single European country. Expect some statistics on the post-Conciliar catastrophe.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Pray for all the Easter Catechumens

As Pope receives Muslim into the Church.

Pray also for those brave souls who mission to the Muslim communities of Europe- who put themselves in harms way to carry out the great commission of Our Lord.

Happy Easter to all Cathcon readers


Friday, March 21, 2008

But we preach Christ crucified


1 Corinthians
21 For seeing that in the wisdom of God the world, by wisdom, knew not God, it pleased God, by the foolishness of our preaching, to save them that believe.
22 For both the Jews require signs, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:
23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumblingblock, and unto the Gentiles foolishness: 24 But unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
For the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St Francis ended the Cold War

and noone noticed at the time apart from Ronald Reagan.

Vatican is Bored

by Father Showman and His Antics:

"Inculturation should not make a 'village church' or a 'national church'. It should make people part of a Church which is universal but also local,' he said.

'It is a caricature of inculturation to understand it as the invention of the fertile imagination of some enthusiastic priest, who concocts an idea on Saturday night and tries it on the innocent congregation the following morning. He may have good will, but good will is not enough."

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shrine to first city Church

in Liverpool :

"A shrine dedicated to Liverpool’s first ever church is to be unveiled in the city.

The hand-carved wooden shrine commemorates St Mary Del Quay church, which was built at the Pier Head in 1207.

It will be unveiled during a service at SFX church in Shaw Street, Everton, which will also honour the 300th anniversary of Liverpool’s first Catholic priest after the Reformation.

Father William Gillibrand moved to a room above a grocer’s shop in what is now North John Street in 1707.

He went on to celebrate Mass for the small number of Roman Catholics then living in the city.

Tam Ashton, a seven-times removed niece of Jesuit priest Father Gillibrand, will attend the service at SFX on Sunday, December 2.

She will be joined by representatives of the Blundell family of Crosby Hall where Fr Gillibrand lived before moving to Liverpool, and the Anglican Rector of Liverpool, Reverend Stephen Brookes."

Some history to help the Rector's memory of what happened during the Reformation.

Of your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of Fr Gillibrand who died on 22nd March 1779.

Radical Unorthodoxy


Catholic Bishop gives communion to leading Anglican theologian.

The Curt Jester- brilliant as ever

Looks like Gumby got a job

Cathcon had not a clue who Gumby was but I do now.

Pope Pius XII celebrates Mass


Pontifical Mass of Archbishop Haas

As it should be.

Mass as it is understood


by the youth of the Diocese of Mainz

To Kiss is to Pray.


St Valentine's Day 2006. Perhaps this was how Judas excused himself on Good Friday- history does not record.

Once Catholic Ireland

will be Catholic again thanks to among others the Poles.

Today the raising of Lazarus is commemorated


in the Gospel reading at Mass.

Remarkable that a man called Lazarus should be the last left alive from World War I.

The strange case of the disappearing altar boys


In the modern Church. Female servers- enemy of vocations.

Monday, March 17, 2008

There are parishes in Brussels without priests on Sunday


But nobody told the Carmelites, as they continue to concelebrate.

Friends, Romans and Countrymen

Hope and offer prayers that Catholic and Loving it! are happy in their new home and will blog again very soon.

Cathcon is one of the Romans, but no surprise here.

If one soul is lost eternally

what price social justice?

Vatican to issue conciliatory note

on the Good Friday prayers. Why are they talking about sources- Radio Vatican said this several weeks ago.

Buy Catholic books

A big thank you to all who buy books and support Cathcon!

A Very Short History of the Catholic Church since 1970

That which was licit was to some degree inauthentic, and that which was definitively authentic was to a great degree made illicit.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vatican official says Anglican head naive on Sharia

ROME, March 11 (Reuters) - The Vatican's top man for relations with Islam on Tuesday criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury as mistaken and "naive" for suggesting that some aspects of Sharia law in Britain were unavoidable.

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, in a wide-ranging discussion with reporters about Christian-Muslim relations, also said he was confident that a new, permanent body between the Vatican and Muslims would help defuse misunderstandings in the future.

"I think it was a mistake, a mistake because, above all, one has to ask what type of Sharia. And then, it was a bit naive," Tauran said in answer to a question at a breakfast meeting.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams sparked a religious and political storm in Britain and beyond last month when he raised the prospect of Islamic law in the United Kingdom.

Cathcon- there are intrinsic elements of sharia, especially the concept of exemplary justice that make it unacceptable in whatever form.

Coronation of the Divine Infant King


Hardline bishops ready to reopen hostilities

after victory of Spanish socialists

The Second Vatican Council


Feud over Cardinal's body

muddles land sale

Monday, March 10, 2008

No rehabilitation of Luther

Vatikan: „Keine Rehabilitierung Luthers“

The Director of the Vatican Press Service has denied reports of a possible rehabilitation of Luther by the Pope. There was nothing to them, said the Jesuit Father Lombardi according to the report of the Corriera della Sea. He was talking about a report in the British newspaper The Times. This was when speculation about a possible new view of the reformer arose around the Group of Ratzinger Pupils. This will be debating about Luther's theological thinking in September in Castel Gandolfo with the former professor Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI.

Jazz Mass

To the greater glory of Satchmo but not of God.

The stealth priestess is risen. She dances.

Easter Day in once Catholic Ireland. Note the priest's albs being worn by the two assistants. Even Cathcon's jaw dropped and I have seen every liturgical abuse known to humankind. Mel Gibson for sue the parish for the abuse of the music from the Passion. Maybe the only way that they will come to their liturgical senses.

Weak scent of the rehabilitation of Luther

Cathcon translation of
Großbritannien: Haltlose Gerüchte um Rehabilitierung Luthers

The Triumph of Cardinal Kasper's Hope over his Faith.

The London Times believes that a rehabilitation of Martin Luther will take place. Pope Benedict XVI will declare in September that the 1520 excommunicated reformer was not a teacher of error was reported in "The Times" with reference to Vatican circles on Thursday in the online edition. Luther did not divide the church, but only purged it of corrupt practices.

The head of the Catholic Church will give his views about Luther during the so-called Group of Ratzinger Pupils, and then set out the conclusions of an investigation.

The approximately 40 senior theologians of the school district meet annually in private in Castel Gandolfo. In recent years they have worked on the relationship between faith and reason, or the theory of evolution; issues shaped by the thinking of the Pope or the Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, a prominent student of Ratzinger.

According to The Times a reassessment of Luther by the Pope would lend support to ecumenical dialogue between Protestants and Catholics. It was a counterweight to the irritation about the understanding of ecclesiastical office and church. Times correspondent Richard Owen points out as a witness the President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity. Cardinal Walter Kasper calls for a more positive picture. "We can learn a lot from Luther, starting with the importance he gave to the word of God," Kasper is quoted as saying. According to information from Vatican Radio, this is only a basic conviction of the Vatican Minister for Ecumenical Affairs and not based on a recent interview.

According to canon law, the rehabilitation of Luther is hardly possible. The excommunication is tied to a person, the penalty rendered ineffective by the death of Luther. Rumours about a revaluation of Luther had, inter alia, in 1996 been raised in connection with the last German visit of Pope John Paul II.

Martin Luther (1483-1546), with its doctrine of justification of "sinful people before God" laid the theological foundation stone for the church schism in Europe. Papal indulgences, he radically called into question. Pope Leo X held him initially for a "drunken German, who would reflect, when he sobered up." In 1521, Luther was excommunicated. During the Council of Trent (1545-1563) the Catholic Church rejected from their point of view "erroneous doctrine of justification." After some 30 years of dialogue, the Lutherans and Catholics in 1999, in a joint declaration on the doctrine of justification, lifted their previous mutually contradictory teaching positions on the matter.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

New ice age between Catholics and Jews


Cathcon translation of
"Eiszeit zwischen Katholiken und Juden"

Potsdam Rabbi Walter Homolka jas reiterated his criticism of the new Good Friday intercession of the Catholic Church. The relations with the Jewish community were "by this unfriendly act put through this sudden ordeal such has not been the case for decades," said Homolka in the Berlin Protestant weekly newspaper "The Church". He spoke of an ice age between Catholics and Jews. In the Vatican, the recently formulated Jewish intercession for Good Friday church services in the extraordinary Latin rite states that the Jews should recognise Jesus Christ as saviour of all peoples. Homolka sees this as a call to conversion. Therefore, he as well as the Jewish social scientist, Micha Brumlik has cancelled his participation in the Catholic Congress, to be held from 21 to 25 May in Osnabruck. The Round Table "Jews and Christians" of the Central Committee of German Catholics said Pope Benedict XVI should withdraw the intercession. Homolka is also a member of the Round Table.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Will the Turkish Prime Minister support Church building


Domradio. Der gute Draht nach oben.

Cathcon translation of
Kardinal Meisner bittet Erdogan um Unterstützung für Kirchenbau in Tarsus
Cardinal Meisner asks Erdogan for support for the building of a Church in Tarsus

Cardinal Meisner has requested support from the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan for the construction of a church in Tarsus in the south of Turkey. The Cologne church newspaper reports that a letter has been sent to Erdogan. The use of one of the churches confiscated by the Turkish state, which has been used as a museum being used again as a church could also be thought about. A gesture of good will from the Turkish government would be gratefully noted by all of Christendom, said Meisner. Especially in Cologne, this could benefit relations with the Turks living there. The ancient port city of Tarsus is the birthplace of the Apostle Paul. Pope Benedict XVI has proclaimed 2008 as an international "Paulus year".

Support Homeschooling in California- urgent!

Petition to Request Depublishing of California Court Case In Re Rachel L

Cardinal dialogues with Freemasons

Cathcon translation of
Le Grand Orient de Belgique à la Foire du Livre de Bruxelles
The Grand Orient of Belgium at the Brussels Book Fair

A great debate

The Book Fair will hold a debate on the interesting theme From anathema to dialogue Thursday, March 6 at 10am (Forum Le Soir).

Face to face: Henri Bartholomeeusen, Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Belgium, and Cardinal Godfried Danneels, primate of Belgium, author of Don’t stop breathing! (Bayard).

After two centuries of anathemas and some informal talks between clerics - already including Cardinal Danneels - and individuals Freemasons, journalist Eddy Caekelberghs (RTBF) will host , at the Book Fair, the first official and historic meeting between the two most senior Belgians in office of these two currents - philosophical and religious - which, after having long been opposed, rejected and ignored, decided to move beyond anger, from anathema to honest dialogue about their respective values, societal imperatives and mutual respect.

Cathcon comment: with just a few months to go in the job, Cardinal Danneels is demob happy. He can hardly have failed to have encountered Freemasons in Belgium- there is a freethinkers lodge which meets not three hundred yards from his cathedral- an open house to anyone who walks in. Cathcon has paid them a visit-not for a dialogue as such but for a thoroughly enjoyable correction of their errors! They must enjoy punishment because I am welcome any time. Cathcon readers need not fear- this is Mission not dialogue.

The old lie that we must learn more about the old enemies of the Church is wrong- Cathcon readers for sure understand exactly what these guys are about.

Cathcon is passed a letter!

Update on Amnesty in Mercy College Woodford, Galway

I am writing to you in a personal capacity as the teacher who facilitates the Amnesty group in our school and also as the person who designed our school website.

Thank you for taking the time to contact our school with your concerns about the running of an Amnesty group and the photograph that you came across on our site. It is always good to have feedback about our activities.

May I state firstly that we are a Catholic school in name and action. You will notice that the photograph in question has been removed from our school site. However, it should also be noted that the photograph is from a poster from the Equality Authority, a state body. The message of the poster is: Homosexual bullying is not tolerated in our school (we do not promote homosexual activity). This is, I believe, a conservative Catholic value to hold; indeed, bullying of any kind is not tolerated in this school - a value that would befit any decent Catholic.

The article you refer to on was posted to show people that there are individuals in this area who are willing to stand up against war, torture, the death penalty and other actions (abortion included) that we believe are inhuman. Again, I think these are conservative Catholic values and values that I believe Jesus Christ would also hold.The idea of a weekly vigil came about from the Catholic Workers organisation who hold weekly vigils in Ireland, England, Australia, America, and more countries (for example Sr. Susan Clarkson - Oxford Catholic Worker holds one each week on Cowley Road in Oxford).

On the idea of abortion. May I begin by stating my absolute abhorrence of the act. I am deeply saddened (distressed actually) to learn that someone might think that I (whose wife gave birth six weeks ago yesterday to two beautiful twins after quite a difficult pregnancy - twins who spent the first month of their lives in a Special Care Unit and who are still been checked upon weekly by the Public Health Nurse and the hospital staff of Portiuncla Hospital) would ever consider abortion.

On the idea of Amnesty and abortion: I received a letter from Amnesty on the issue last September. I will quote from it for you: "Amnesty International Irish Section will not be working on the issue of access to abortion [...] The membership of the Irish Section on Amnesty International ... made clear its view that it was not in favour of this change in policy (from a previous position of neutrality on the issue). In reflecting the view of the vast majority of the Irish section membership, Amnesty International Irish Scetion will not be campaigning on acess to abortion. No reference will be made to this policy in any of our education materials or communications with schools in Ireland."

Mecry College Woodford does not support Amnesty financially; it is free for student groups to affilliate with Amnesty. Any monies given to Amnesty from members of the school community are given in a personal capacity.

I try to have a consistent life ethic; in that, I am against abortion, euthanasia, the death penalty, war, famine, or anything else that lessens our time here unduly.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact the school. I hope the above clears up some issues for you.

Mark Conroy

Favoured candidate of Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna

becomes his auxilliary bishop and succeeds Bishop Kraetzl, of whose ultra-liberalism more today.

Under the Patronage of "Saint" Mahatma Ghandi


As is this group of Catholic Scouts in Germany.

Mass for Mahatma Scouts
(note possible sighting of stealth priestess to right of altar)

But this group of scouts is quite use to gender swapping role models.
One of their leaders struts his stuff.

Mass is now forever associated with dressing up for these children.
Great for the Church hall but not during Mass.
Cathcon will not be seeking the intercession of "St" Mahatma for this group. Despite Winston Churchill's assessment,

"It is alarming and also nauseating to see Mr. Gandhi, a seditious middle temple lawyer, now posing as a fakir of a type well known in the east, striding half-naked up the steps of the viceregal palace, while he is still organizing and conducting a defiant campaign of civil disobedience, to parley on equal terms with the representative of the king-emperor (Cathcon- Queen Victoria and her successors were proclaimed Emperors of India by Disraeli)." - Winston Churchill, 1930

I don't regard Churchill as infallible any more than I regard Ghandi to be a saint. I am sure that Mr Ghandi was a good human being, although some, not me, may consider that difficult once you have trained as a lawyer.
Rather seek the intercession for them of St George, that steady and sure protector of England and the scouting movement.