Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Greatest Show on Earth.


Cardinal Lehmann chooses life before ecumenism

Cathcon translation of Kardinal Lehmann weist die Angriffe des EKD-Ratsvorsitzenden Wolfgang Huber zu embryonalen Stammzellen zurück - Cardinal Lehmann, rejects the attacks of the German Protestant Church Council chairman, Wolfgang Huber to embryonic stem cells

Essen (AP) - The Chairman of the German Catholic Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, has rejected the attacks of the Chairmen of the Council of the Protestant Church in Germany, Wolfgang Huber, in the dispute over the cut-off date for the import of embryonic stem cells. Cardinal Lehmann said in the Essen newspaper, Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ): "Given the seriousness of the matter, there must be a discussion." On the question of whether the attack by Huber has harmed the ecumenical relationship, Cardinal Lehmann replied: "The ecumenical relationship is important, but it should not disguise a fundamental truth, namely, the right to life and the necessity of protecting the embryo from the beginning." Huber had strongly attacked the Catholic Church on this issue and explained that the dispute bore traits of a "cultural struggle". Cardinal Lehmann welcomed that the vote in the Bundestag on a postponement of the deadline for the import of these stem cells was to be a free vote. "The CDU / CSU contain all opinions on this issue. The same is true for the other parties. It is good that now such a decision is now pending that compulsion has been lifted from the political groups. At the moment, there are four different group positions, an expression of this diversity. They all well know our argument. We are and will remain in dialogue," said Cardinal Lehmann. The Chairman of the Bishops' Conference rejects firmly research on embryonic stem cells. "It's not about the date, but the conditions around it. The embryonic stem cells involved can only be preserved if an embryo is killed. Given that the Catholic church, but not only us but also many scientists and ethicists say that after the union of egg and sperm cells in the embryo a human being is formed, which has human dignity and a right to life, we see no basis for moral and legal nuances in protecting life. Therefore, we already opposed the idea when in 2002, the cut-off date was first established. We were clear on this from the beginning.

Archduke Carl Ludwig, 1918-2007

Son of Blessed Charles, U.S. Army Veteran, Fought at Normandy

After the funeral Mass concluded, the Archduke's coffin was processed through the streets, accompanied by family, clerics, knights and aristocrats, members of Austrian, Hungarian, and Czech traditionalist organizations, and university students. The destination was the church of the Capuchin Franciscans, in whose crypt the members of the imperial family are traditionally interred.

When they reach the Capuchin church, a member of the funeral party cries "Open!" and the Abbot inquires "Who are you? Who asks to enter?"

"We bear the remains of His Imperial & Royal Highness, Archduke Carl Ludwig Maria Franz Joseph Michael Gabriel Antonius Robert Stephan Pius Gregor Ignatius Markus d'Aviano of Austria!"

"We know him not," the Abbot responds. "Who goes there?"

And again: "We bear the remains of His Imperial & Royal Highness, Archduke Carl Ludwig Maria Franz Joseph Michael Gabriel Antonius Robert Stephan Pius Gregor Ignatius Markus d'Aviano of Austria!"

"We know him not". For the third time, the Abbot inquires, "Who goes there?"

"We bear the body of Carl Ludwig, our brother, a sinner like us all." At that moment, the doors of the abbey swing open and the Abbot calls out "You may enter!"

Vatican official says Pope

does not want to abandon liturgical reform:

"'These are certainly incorrect inferences and interpretations,' Msgr. Marini said. The path of Catholic liturgy is 'development in continuity,' in which change never loses touch with the church's living traditions, he said."

But since when was the reform of the liturgy, development in continuity. It was written by committees after the event of Vatican II.

Is it the Gates of Hell?


Or is it a Vienna Youth Mass?

What goes on at Medjugorje (?)


Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna thinks

the heart of mission is in personal encounter.

The Heart of Mission rather is the preaching of the Cross and Him Crucified. St Dominic of the Order of Preachers at the foot of the Cross. The Cardinal is a member of this order.

I Corinthians
23 nos autem praedicamus Christum crucifixum Iudaeis quidem scandalum gentibus autem stultitiam
24 ipsis autem vocatis Iudaeis atque Graecis Christum Dei virtutem et Dei sapientiam
25 quia quod stultum est Dei sapientius est hominibus et quod infirmum est Dei fortius est hominibus

23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumblingblock, and unto the Gentiles foolishness:
24 But unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.
25 For the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

The end of the road is where modernism and protestantism meet.


The Vesperkirche- an ecumenical project of German protestants which melts the borders between the sacred and the secular.

God save Catholic Churches from this fate.

How Vatican reacted to Mission's wind of change - News

Mission Church to close caught in the crossfire.

Pseudo-Clericalised Lay Administration


is not an answer

Minister’s new friend

turns out to be a thorn in his side :

"Jim Knight, the Schools Minister, did not realise that Becky Grocott, a 17-year-old head girl at a Roman Catholic comprehensive, would take the opportunity to lobby him about a threat to close her college.

The MP says that he accepted Miss Grocott’s request to add her name to his list of friends, mistakenly thinking that she was somebody he knew. She then sent Mr Knight a flurry of messages about her school in Stoke-on-Trent. As part of a planned reorganisation, the 17 senior schools in the area are to be shut and only 12 reopened. Existing staff will have reapply for their jobs.

Miss Grocott has now learnt that her specialist maths and computing school, St Thomas More Catholic College, will reopen. But she has continued to lobby the minister about the staff’s fate."

The minister probably thought she was related to Lord Grocott.

What an inspiration for anyone who is trying to save Catholic schools or Churches!