Friday, August 12, 2005

Feast of St Clare- Foundress of the Second Order of St Francis


Monks run out of the world's best beer

....and take the right decision. Best wishes to Recta Ratio for this link.

Cardinal Clemens August von Galen

website on the great Cardinal coming soon in English. Thanks to the very courageous few like the Cardinal, Hitler managed to do far less damage to the Church than the last forty years have managed to do. Despite all the massive Nazi persecution, the Church remained strong.

A provocative statement but the statistics speak for themselves.

Bishop of Cologne

targets Carmelites for closure (sorry in German).

This Bishop declared in a sermon "God is not Catholic". And not even Christian!!

"When we are praying for peace, we are turning to the one God. We know: God is not Catholic, God is not protestant, God is not Orthodox, God is not even Christian. God is not jewish. God is not muslim, God is not Buddhist. God is not the God of one or the other religion. God is the God and Father of every person. He desires all men to be saved. God cares for every person. God loves everyone. God is God for all of us. He is our good father. We are all his creatures, children of this earth."

International Meeting of Prayer for World Peace in Aachen 2003