Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mass somewhere in France


We have come a long way from:

But this is the Age of the Mass on Wheels.

Bishop of Saltillo celebrates Mass

as liturgy goes to the dogs, and a dog comes to Mass.

This is what a Pontifical Mass should look like - here the Seminary of Quebec in 1929.

Meet Fray Tormenta


This priest used to be a wrestling star. His full story is here. It is creditable to raise money for an orphanage but there is something very wrong when Padre Sergio can't put aside the persona at Mass. He is acting in the person of Christ during the Mass.

Here he is outside his Church.

Latin Mass wins

Hands down.

Diocese of Linz (again!!)

promotes contraception.

One Holy Apostolic Rite

Hilarious post using images from Cathcon.

You guessed it!


She's a nun.

St Aloysius ripped apart

to furnish the Church Key bar

"A few months back, the historic St. Aloysius Church was demolished on The Hill, it one of the many churches shuttered by the Archdiocese in recent years. Bellon Wrecking was the outfit that did the demo work there and seeing that they’ve outfitted the nearby Bellon Market, Deli & Pizzeria with all types of recycled architectural pieces it shouldn’t (!!!!) be completely shocking that The Church Key is, basically, the interior of the old St. Aloysius.

The dozens of church pews… from St. Al’s. The bartop… refashioned wood from St. Al’s. The old kneeling stations from St. Al’s… those are what feel so good under your feet when you sit at the bar."

The whole sad story.

Thanks to Rome of the West.

Anglicans get it right, for once.

Where's the choice at Halloween?

However, we will have to wait a long time before the anglicans get anything else right. I once was in St Paul's Cathedral in London (consciously built as a direct competitor for St Peter's in Rome) and saw the Beatitudes hung on banners around the nave. Every single Beatitude was sinned against by the anglicans at the time of the reformation.

Also don't forget, Halloween has also taken hold because of the collapse of the pastoral influence of the anglican church on the lives of individuals. And that is their fault as well.

"The way is the goal"

Headline in an article about pilgrimage in Bildpost, (which describes itself as independent and Christian, in fact mostly Catholic) sums up much of the confusion in the modern Church. The goals of pilgrimage are the great churches with their once richly privileged altars, not the stony roads to them. (Privileged altars were abandoned in the 1968 reform of indulgences).

See also Raccolta of Indulgences.