Thursday, October 26, 2017

Erotic Mass for Youth organised by Catholic Diocese of Würzburg

Bistum.TV der Diözese Würzburg - „Erotik-Messe“:

"On February 14th is Valentine's Day, the day for all lovers. In the Schweinfurt Youth church, this day is also marked by love. Yes, even in the Bible, it crackles. Eroticism in the Holy Scriptures? Answers to this question are available at the Erotic Mass."

The Erotic Mass took place on Sunday, February 14, 2016, in the Church of St. Kilian, Schweinfurt.
Note Blessed Sacrament reserved

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German parents not allowed to call child Lucifer

Parents may not call a child Lucifer
The devil has many names - and one of them is Lucifer. A Kassel couple now wanted their son to be named in that way. The local court then intervened.
The Fall of Lucifer from Heaven

With the unusual name "Lucifer" for their child, parents in Kassel failed to the authorities. According to Matthias Grund of the District Court of Kassel on Wednesday, a city clerk had assumed that the first name could jeopardise the child's welfare. The official had gone to the court to clarify the case. Initially, the "Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine" newspaper reported on the case.

In a non-public hearing the parents were convinced by another name - now the child will be called "Lucian". This is a variant of the Roman name "Lucius", which among other people already was the name of three Popes. If the parents had insisted on their name selection, the Court of Law would have had to decide whether the name Lucifer is permissible.

According to Frauke Rüdebusch of the German Society for German Language (GfdS), there is no general ban on certain names in Germany : "There are guidelines, but no laws". "Lucifer" is a term for the devil . Originally, this name in antiquity designated the Morning Star. Literally translated, the Latin word means "light carrier". It was only in the course of the centuries that the name became identical with the devil and absolutely evil. In early Christianity the name had a positive sound and was used as a baptismal name.


Bishop St Lucifer of Calgari in Sardinia- a fierce opponent of the heresiarch, Arius

No-one more Jesuitical than the Pope according to theologian

"For Hünermann, no one is more Jesuitically-formed than Francis
Tübingen's theologian: With the election of Francis, the church begins to "learn from the spirit of the Church in the South"

The Tübingen theologia, Peter Hünermann does not know a priest who is "more Jesuitical than Pope Francis". In all the difficult phases of his life, Jorge Mario Bergoglio had relied on the result of the four-week retreat developed by the founder of the Order, Ignatius of Loyola. These are spiritual exercises for the "distinction of the spirits".

The 88-year-old Tübingen dogmatist is the founder and founder of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" (ET). Hünermann is also one of the co-founders of a fellowship in Latin America-Germany. He has been personally acquainted with the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires and today's Pope for more than 40 years. The theologian spoke at the Catholic Church Centre in Stuttgart on Wednesday evening.

After the election of the first Pope from the southern hemisphere, Hünermann's view began to "learn from the spirit of the Church in the South". Hünermann rated the reactions of the European church representatives to the new style of leadership as "very mixed". The Catholic Church in Europe has not yet adjusted up to this point in time. As an example, Hünermann gave the questionnaires on specialist topics, which Pope Francis had sent out before a church assembly. However, in order to change the "course of a big tanker", patience is always needed", according to the theologian.


Cathcon: There is not a more decadent order in the modern Church than the Jesuits- as documented on this site among others.  Peter Hünermann accused Pope Benedict of "abuse of office" when he lifted the excommunications of the Society of St Pius X.

Augustinian Order ashamed of Luther, will not be celebrating Reformation

Luther's former Order sees reformers critically
For the Augustinian Order, the anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation is no reason to celebrate. For her former member, Martin Luther, not only left the order, but also harmed many monasteries.

The Augustinian Order critically assesses the Reformation initiated by its former member, Martin Luther. The Wittenberg theologian had not only turned away from the Augustinians personally, but had "condemned the religious life" with all his might "and promoted a mass flight from the monasteries. "The damage to the Order and the religious life in Germany was enormous", writes the General Prior of the Augustinian Order, Alejandro Moral Anton, in a contribution to the Vatican newspaper, "Osservatore Romano" (Thursday).

Augustinians do not want to celebrate Reformation

The Order has "no reason to celebrate the beginning of the Reformation 500 years ago, but certainly to remember it," says Moral. The head of the Order referred to "positive aspects", such as the appreciation of the individual, the central position of the Bible and a liturgy close to the people, but also the development of a sense of community and "healthy secularity". A central point in Luther's thinking, the grace in the doctrine of justification, is "in the Augustinian line."

Luther undoubtedly triggered a "religious crisis". This was the reason "not for a secularism, but for the process of secularization and the birth of a new Europe". At the same time, the Order emphasized that Luther had signed "Martin Luther, Augustiner" until 1521, and until 1524 he had worn the clothing of his order and kept the habits of his monastic life until the end of his life .


Reformation Rap, Luther, the Wittenberg boss, friend of Pope Francis

"Theology students successful with Luther-Rap According to the motto "Luther did not put a sheet in front of his mouth", theology students from Tübingen have rapped a song about the Reformer - with success. But not everyone likes the risqué language. "If the 95 theses had not been then, who would read Bible?" - 

One week before the conclusion of the Reformation Anniversary, Protestant theology students from Tübingen published a rap song about Martin Luther. The video, "The Boss from Wittenberg " was viewed 3,000 times on YouTube on the first day. On Wednesday, the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) also shared the video on their social media channels. "The language in the song sometimes sounds risqué," says 26-year-old Christopher Hopp, "but Luther did not put a sheet in front of his mouth." Together with Leon Hanser and Jonathan Bühler, he rapped to the music of the US rapper Macklemore sentences like "(I,) the Wittenberg boss, let Papal Bulls burn. Thrust out Scripture, make your nobodies cry”. But there are also theological statements and anecdotes from the life of Luther. 

Luther, the Reformer had never been embarrassed by clear words, but had not only sought out confrontation but also the strengths and similarities among the others, Hopp reports. After the first stanza tells of the break which Luther experienced, the second stanza gave an outlook on the connecting elements and the similarities in the Catholic and Protestant Church. In the present, it was then sung that Luther and Pope Francis understood each other well and both pointed to Jesus Christ. One year from the idea to implementation Chris Hopp and Leon Hanser, who is currently spending his theological study year in Jerusalem, have already rapped a song that brought over 5,000 clicks in 2015. At that time it was about life Albrecht-Bengel-House , the student-supporting dormitory of the theological studies in Tübingen with which they were acquainted. Most of the nearly 40 contributors to the current video of "The Boss from Wittenberg" are connected to the Bengel House or the Protestant Foundation of the Regional Church, according to Hopp .

Completely finished, I enter 1505 into the monastic life and duck me away and drop prayers daily. How can I be just before God, who is perfect? (...) But God who freed, does let not loose, I understand - Romans One Seventeen, black on white, God gives you faith, God gives you grace.

Raputation in "The Boss From Wittenberg" 

 Both Protestant institutions were behind the private project of their students, "but there was also some criticism of some linguistic formulations," says Hopp. In principle, however, the fact was welcomed that students took the trouble to take up the life and theology of Luther in a creative, modern form. And it was a great effort: the idea of ​​a rap song and the first lines they had already had in mind at the beginning of the Reformation jubilee, said Hopp, who studies theology and English at the teaching institution. Until they had finished the text, recorded the song, received the permission to use the nearby Bebenhausen monastery, and had shot the video recordings, almost a year had passed. 

Gospel Praise instead of rapper scene 

Although it seems as if the young students are not from the rapper scene. Hanser may prefer rock music and he himself is located in the modern Gospel and Praise prevailing in Protestant community work, reports Hopp. As a child and adolescent, he found rap music just funny, but he and Hanser had learned to appreciate the dynamism of the singing. And he adds - probably with a view to the biography of Luther -: "You can get through a lot of lyrics in rap songs." 

 The media people of the Protestant Church of Germany also seem to have thought this way when they shared the five minute video on Twitter and Facebook. Her commentary: "The music video for the # Reformation jubilee is almost half a sermon in length. Who has looked through it to the end: How do you find it?"