Saturday, November 04, 2006

What is it? II


Cross reduced to a balloon design at Cardinal Danneel's Evangelisation Extravaganza tonight in Brussels. See What is it?

Cathcon visited the Christian Rock concert tonight and the Taize prayer group last night in the Cathedral. Unpleasant work but someone has got to do it! Coming soon, the alien spacecraft he spotted in the Cathedral.

Many have left there thoughts on the board, including this version of the balloon design.

And here a pilgrim asks the Pope to Carpe Diem- seize the moment (and free the Latin Mass) (just kidding)

This morning I was charged 10 euro to listen to four Cardinals and an Archbishop explain why forces they allege are beyond their control are emptying the Churches of Europe. This is an EVANGELISATION congress. The organisers maintain 100000 participants. Simply untrue.

The scene tonight at the packed-out Christian rock concert in the centre of Brussels. Belgium remains unevangelised.

Catholic priest backs pagans

in Glastonbury, England.

Glastonbury is now forever associated with Catholic suffering. The last Abbot was martyred.