Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You with us.

New Songs for Youth and Community from the House of Peace, Austria.

But does the You refer to them or to God?

The Chapel where it is difficult to distinguish between the lecturn (which they will call the "altar of the Word") and the altar.

Mein Bild - Meine Religion

My image-my religion. Pseudo-academic nonsense being proclaimed in the name of art in the former Church of the Minor Friars, Austria. The Bishop is one of the presenters.

Experimental theatre in this "cultural centre"

In death, less and less Catholic


A collage of memorial cards, showing the decline since the Council of a Catholic understanding of death. Start from top left to top right and then bottom, left to right. See the related An utterly modern scandal.

Of course, it is possible to have a Mass which looks like the gates of hell when no-one understands the sure and certain judgement that awaits us all for our sins, those sins which crucify Jesus on the Cross.

Masses for youth in Burgenland have more recently improved. They now have colours to suit every mood.

Cardinal Danneels

Liturgy 40 Years After the Council

"The active involvement of the people in the liturgy is, of course, an unparalleled gift from the council to the people of God. As with every worthy reform, however, there is a shadow side. Active participation in the liturgy can lead imperceptibly to a sort of taking possession of the liturgy. The liturgy is not only set free of its untouchable quality—in itself not a bad thing; it also becomes in a sense the property of those who celebrate, a terrain given over to their “creativity.” Those who serve the liturgy—both priests and laity—become its “owners.” In some cases this can even lead to a sort of liturgical “coup,” by which the sacred is eliminated, the language trivialized and the cult turned into a social event."

The Cardinal just about begins to get it, sort of and only with a fair wind behind him but rather late in the day, when he himself has been responsible for so much damage. If you seek his monument, look around the Brussels Churches.

How female pastoral assistants pray in ,,,,


guess which Diocese, Linz, of course. Not so much stealth priestesses as stealth Bhuddists.See also How Jesuits say Mass.

Sunflower Mass


again in Burgenland!
You can just see the Cross laid on the altar. No missing the sunflowers. Before the Council, the image of the Crucified Christ had to be before the priest when he was saying Mass. Now, he stares out at the congregation, albeit called the Body of Christ, but not the subject of the Holy Sacrifice.

Puzzling Cross


thanking God for the harvest of grain and the presumed but unlikely harvest of souls at WYD

After 60 years of the Catholic Youth movement in Austria


they have a right to something better than this Mass celebrating the anniversary.

Or indeed the Burgenland Boat Mass.

Could someone please explain what is happening in this last photo?
One can only be concerned when the priest has a sunflower instead of a Cross on his stole.

An utterly modern scandal


The new rite for the Annointing of the Sick does not carry a plenary indulgence at the moment of death, unless the priest chooses to apply it and who is he to judge whether their is an truly imminent threat of death. So many people are annointed as sick, thinking that if they die, they have been reconciled. They or their relatives do not request again the Last Rites, with the plenary indulgence. A tragedy.

And another example of the disastrous pastoral care of the sick, an illustration from a book designed to help them. It has passed from the idea that we share, as a priviledge, in the sufferings of Our Lord, to an identity between the sufferer and Christ. Such fideism, (-the historical Christ no longer matters) ends up helping nobody.
Rather lead all to penitence through the Passion of Christ. Total identity also diminishes the role of our sins in His Cruxifixion.

Great Pictures from the Times

of the Pope at Assumptiontide.

Bishop leaves Amnesty after 31 years

over its stance on 'abortion violence'

Bishop of Linz take note.

And so much for ecumenism- can't imagine the assorted ecumenical partners of the Catholic Church laying off contacts with Amnesty in a display of Christian solidarity.

Achtung! Jugendmesse! Youth Mass!

in Burgenland with a colour to suite every mood.

Deep Purple.

Then they get the blues.

Hint of green

Turning Yellow

The modern Church, obsessed with technique at the expense of Truth.

A Jewish Cardinal?

The Cardinal described himself as a brigdebuilder to Judaism. He failed. The Jerusalem Post described him as an apostate on his death. Cathcon readers will be delighted to know but not surprised that I still don't describe myself as an anglican. Almost twenty years since I converted, the night before meeting a friend on the steps of Westminster Abbey, said a brief goodbye, and then went off for a very fine meal. No looking back for me.

Helping Hands Mass


Children have a right to something better!
(than this Mass in the Piaristen Parish in Vienna)

There is hope!


The pilgrimage to Lasslberg in Linz. 300 years ago this year on August 15th, Our Lord crucified and Our Lady appeared to a farmer's wife, Maria Kolmberger.

No respect for Scripture

in the Linz Diocesan Seminary. Lecturn made from a bale of recycled paper.

Children have a right also

to assist at Masses which will lead them to God, not into boredom and away from the Catholic Church. The girls behid are the highly inactive servers.

Three Hand Veneration

where the image should be of Christ in glory, three hands grasp eachother in the Salvatorian Parish of Kaisermuehlen in Vienna.

In better days, the same altar for the May Devotions.
Before the whitewash was splashed on!
This is a ecumenical veneration!
A dangerous parish to belong to. You get bound and gagged for Confirmation.
At least, they don't for the time being go in for skull veneration. Yet!
See also Helping Hands Mass