Friday, January 16, 2009

True ecumenism

For sixty three Sundays, the Society of St Pius X has celebrated in the street outside the Cathedral as no Church in Amiens can be found for them is a town full of churches no longer used, not even at Christmas.

The temperature last Sunday dropped to minus 10 and the Cathedral finally conceded the altar of St Joseph. During the winter there is no Mass in the Cathedral itself but in a "winter chapel". Long live Christ the King! History is made by Him alone.

Daily video news

from Gloria TV will resume Monday, as well as the saints day, and devotions of the day and the month.

The Martini Plot

One rather suspects that the Jewish community is being led by the Martinians into the intemperate language of recent months.

What are any of them trying to achieve? Cathcon is baffled.

God bless the Pope! Thank God the Pope is not Cardinal Martini leading the Church down the one-way street of perpetual revolutionary reform.

This is your Bishop speaking and here is the bad news

Churches to learn fate Jan. 31

Diocese of Scranton Catholics will learn the fate of their churches via a recorded message from Bishop Joseph Martino played at each Mass the weekend of Jan. 31, according to an article in The Catholic Light, the diocesan newspaper.

The move is a sharp departure from the last similar announcement, when Martino revealed the closing of numerous schools during a live press conference at the Diocesan Guild building in Scranton in January 2008. That event was televised throughout the region, and students watching at Bishop Hafey High School sobbed and screamed when they learned their school would be closed. Those images headlined local news broadcasts that evening.

Polish priests raise gay flag in EU sponsored "art"

Also an insult to American heroism at Iwo-Jima.

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