Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sisters of Mercy

Outright Winners 2007 Smallest Altar Competition

Little Flower Power


Extraordinary iconography
on a modern Catholic calendar

Abbaye de Stavelot

one former Abbey - no less than three museums.

St. Louis Church Fire

Convenient for property developers.

The Church had already been sold on.

Trad Dads

on the march in the service of the King.

Outspoken magazine of Cuban Church closing down

- another long shadow of socialism.

"Its most recent electronic bulletin, dated April 9, included a long editorial titled ''Cuba: A time for opportunity,'' which described many government policies as ''anachronistic'' and said ''it's time to leave behind the mistakes and errors'' and move toward ``reconciliation, without hiding the scars and without dwelling on them.''

The editorial at no point mentioned ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who surrendered power to his brother Raúl eight months ago after intestinal surgery."