Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The desert:

Catholic chaplaincy at Exeter University

and two more Jesuit Masses, also in the UK. But not the Mass for which the five Jesuits of the Gillibrand family were prepared to lay down their life.

Are we all sitting confortably? A Jesuit Mass in Wales

Finally, the "Ironing board" Mass. The Bishop of Middlesbrough (UK) (on the right) setting new standards of liturgical excellence at World Youth Day. He is the most hostile of the English bishops to the Latin Mass.

Religious indifference

Universal Music: Concert of Jewish, Muslim and Catholic music in Our Lady of the Chapel, Brussels. Church becomes melting pot for the Catholic Faith.

Growing Islamic influence

at the very heart of Europe. How long before they demand that disused Churches are systematically given to them to transform into mosques?