Thursday, April 20, 2006

Episcopal economy drive

leads to crisis of Faith.

Irish concelebration

I receive a helpful e-mail. Easter Sunday have they no shame?

"Three Augustinian priests: Rev. Father Ignatius O'Donovan OSA, Rev. Father Noel Hession OSA and Very Rev. Father Richard Goode OSA, Prior, St. Augustine's, Shop St., Drogheda, Co. Louth concelebrated Mass on Easter Sunday morning. In doing this they invited Rev. Michael Graham to join them in the concelebration on the altar. Mr. Graham is the Rector of St. Peter's (Anglican) Church in Drogheda. Mr. Graham purported to concelebrate the Mass with the three priests and many of his congregation received communion.

The Catholic and Anglican Archdioceses of Armagh seem to be slow in reaction, but the matter is principally one for the Augustinian Order. The best course of action is to send respectful letters, faxes or e-mails to the following persons expressing concern:

His Eminence, Franc Cardinal Rodé,
Sacred Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life,
Piazza Pio XII, 3
00193 Rome

Pertinent telephone numbers are:
His Eminence the Cardinal Prefect +39. 06. 69884121
His Excellency Archbishop Secretary +39. 06. 69884584
receptionists +39 06. 69884128 and +39. 06. 69884980
FAX +39. 06. 69884526
E-mail: (Prefect) (Secretary) (information)

The Cardinal Prefect is Slovenian.


Most Rev. Father Robert F. Prevost OSA
Prior General
Order of Brothers of St. Augustine
Curia Generalizia Agostiniana
Via Paolo VI, 25
00193 Roma - Italia
Tel. 0039 06 680061
Fax 0039 06 68006 299

The Father General is American."

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


blames murdered victim.

"Cardinal Danneels' disgraceful response, blaming Joe's murder on the indifference and the materialism of the Belgians, is symptomatic for the attitude of the Belgian establishment, who invariably blame the crime on the victims rather than the criminals. "

"The Cardinal did not condemn the culprits. He made no reference whatever to the policy makers who allowed things to get so bad. Instead, he launched an attack on the whole of society. A totally unjustified attack: that society is thoroughly fed up with the dominance of murdering, thieving and raping Vikings from North Africa, and is not responsible for it.

“Where were you on Wednesday at [4 o’ clock!]” the Cardinal asked, pointing his aged finger in the air. I am not accountable to someone who has contributed absolutely nothing to our society, who has looked on and allowed his own church to disintegrate and thereby surrendered a considerable part of our culture, our rules and values. […]

Where was he himself, that Wednesday at [4 o’ clock]? Would he have pitched his lonely strength against a gang whose number increases exponentially at one whistle and who have no regard for a man’s life? Has he not seen the interviews with Magreb youths on TV? “Terrible? Well, people die every day…,” one of the vermin said on TV. You could see him think: another infidel dog less! […]

“Where was I, on Wednesday at [4 o’ clock]?” Well, here is my answer: it’s none of your business, old ****! But I ask you the same question: where were you when the laws were passed that allowed the killing of innocent children (abortion) and the slaughtering of the terminally ill (euthanasia)?"

Cardinal head and shoulders

over Archlayman of Canterbury.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wrecked church faces uncertain future

Our Lady and St Patrick pray for them!

See also pictures

Welcome to modern Lent.


Apart from the Yellow Brick road, I have held off until after Easter publishing a series of stories about the way that Lent and Easter have been celebrated in the modern Catholic Church. Here is the first image from the Linz Diocesan Newspaper, which claims that Lent is now about not driving your car and introspection.

Their Lent programme "Linz lives light" Is that in the light, with less food, or without any more concern for religious obligation? Take your pick, they don't know the answer themselves.

Once Catholic Ireland

Church of Ireland minister concelebrates Mass for 1916 anniversary

(HE CLAIMS)"he had shared in the consecration "in all its fullness" and raised the chalice as did the other concelebrants."

They talk about "justice" and then perpetrate this injustice against all those Catholics who suffered in or for Ireland. When you welcome the inheritors of the tradition of your oppressors to attempt to confect a Mass, then the end is not far away for all that you hold dear.

Write and protest to the Diocese! and also to the Augustinians in Ireland and the Prior General in Rome and while you are about it don't forget the "Church" of Ireland
and last but by no means least Cardinal Arinze.

His Eminence Cardinal Francis Arinze
Congregation for Divine Worship
and the Discipline of the Sacraments
00120 Vatican City State

Use the e-mail facility to send this information to friends. Encourage them also to protest.

Lest we forget. St Oliver Plunkett, pray for us! Both he and St Augustine are turning in their graves.

Footnote on Canon Law (even condemned by modern Canon Law)
Can. 900 §1. The minister who is able to confect the sacrament of the Eucharist in the person of Christ is a validly ordained priest alone.

Can. 908 Catholic priests are forbidden to concelebrate the Eucharist with priests or ministers of Churches or ecclesial communities which do not have full communion with the Catholic Church.

From Redemptionis Sacramentorum:

[172.] Graviora delicta against the sanctity of the Most August Sacrifice and Sacrament of the Eucharist are to be handled in accordance with the ‘Norms concerning graviora delicta reserved to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’,[280] namely:

a) taking away or retaining the consecrated species for sacrilegious ends, or the throwing them away;[281]

b) the attempted celebration of the liturgical action of the Eucharistic Sacrifice or the simulation of the same;[282]

c) the forbidden concelebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice with ministers of Ecclesial Communities that do not have the apostolic succession nor acknowledge the sacramental dignity of priestly Ordination;[283]

d) the consecration for sacrilegious ends of one matter without the other in the celebration of the Eucharist or even of both outside the celebration of the Eucharist.[284]

"[179.] Delicts against the faith as well as graviora delicta committed in the celebration of the Eucharist and the other Sacraments are to be referred without delay to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which “examines [them] and, if necessary, proceeds to the declaration or imposition of canonical sanctions according to the norm of common or proper law”.[288]

Motor Way Church

in Germany- belonging to the Archdiocese of Freiburg. No comment is possible or necessary.

Jog and pray

No more pilgrimages but marathons for this Catholic charismatic group. No need for pilgrimage Churches as destinations in their scheme of things.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Irreverence in Brussels Cathedral


The Resurrected Christ over the Tomb in the Cathedral in Brussels.

Amazingly, the toilets have been located next to this work of art and devotion. The toilets are also behind the altar of Our Lady.

Votives to Our Lady line the corridor that has been created to the toilet.

We shouldn't expect much from Brussels Cathedral. There is presently an art exhibition around the High Altar. One of the paintings is entitled "Pregnant Cross".

Easter Mass in Brussels


Easter Fire

The lighted Easter Candle

The beginning of the prophecies

Lowering of the Easter Candle into the water

Blessing of the font


The veil lowered to reveal the high altar painting of the Flight into Egypt of the Holy Family.

Prayer Call


Could only happen in Austria! But there again, I am not so sure.

You can now call Betruf- Prayer Call and be connected with someone directly in front of the Blessed Sacrament. The fact that this gives ample opportunity for profanation of the Blessed Sacrament does not bother the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna who has given his blessing to the idea.

Why go to Church if you can just place a call?

Heck returns briefly

to justify her role.

"The steady attendance through the closings 'absolutely' was a validation of the archdiocese's closing plan, said Kathleen Heck, who worked for the archdiocese to assist the transition between closed parishes and the parishes that accepted the transferring parishioners."

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Passionist nuns


A Passionist nun in Belgium feeding sheep this afternoon.

Unlike many Passionist communities, the habit has at least been retained, admitedly modernised.

A Passionist sister on the day of her profession, crowned with thorns and carrying a cross. The reform of the Rule has wrought devastation on the Passionist Order. The Rule in fact remains but very much attenuated by the customary that has been attached to it.

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!


R. The Angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it, which same said unto the women, * Fear not ye : for I know that ye seek him that was crucified : he is not here for he is risen : come ye and see the place where the Lord lay, alleluia.
V. And entering into the sepulchre, they saw a young man sitting on the right side, clothed in a long white garment, and they were affrighted.
R. Fear not ye : for I know that ye seek him that was crucified : he is not here for he is risen : come ye and see the place where the Lord lay, alleluia.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Lord Crucified


Modern betrayal

by a Bishop

"Much to the frustration of my family, the meeting proved to be of no help. In fact, during the five year ordeal, Terri's Bishop Lynch did very little to assist my sister despite the clear contradiction of the Church's teaching and the pleas of countless Catholic's throughout the world.

Looking back, I can't help but believe that if Bishop Lynch would have steadfastly denounced what was happening to Terri, which was the practice of involuntary euthanasia, there would have been such an enormous outcry of support from the parishioners in Terri's diocese, and Catholics from all over the world, that that my sister could very well be alive today."

See "Deafening silence of the shepherds"

The Diocese has not issued a press release since the election of the Pope; so not exactly busy.

Our Lord is crowned with thorns


English Heritage

It has been announced today that English Heritage are renting a holiday cottage in the grounds of the ancient Cistercian Abbey of Rievaulx.

One of the first tenants commented on BBC TV this morning, "I would like that rockery in my garden".


From the Good Friday prayers
Let us pray also for heretics and schismatics: that our Lord and God would be pleased to rescue them from their errors; and recall them to our holy mother the Catholic and Apostolic Church. Let us pray. Let us kneel. (Arise.) Almighty and eternal God, Who savest all, and wouldest that no one should perish: look on the souls that are led astray by the deceit of the devil: that having set aside all heretical evil, the hearts of those that err may repent and return to the unity of Thy truth. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost, through all endless ages. Amen.

And A Lament for Our Lady's Shrine at Walsingham, also destroyed by the curse that the protestants call the "reformation".

"In the wrackes of Walsingam
Whom should I chuse
But the Queene of Walsingam
To be guide to my muse?

Then thou Prince of Walsingam
Grant me to frame
Bitter plaintes to rewe thy wronge
Bitter wo for thy name.

Bitter was it oh to see
The seely sheepe
Murdered by the raveninge wolves
While the sheephards did sleep.

Bitter was it oh to vewe
The sacred vyne
While the gardiners plaied all close
Rooted up by the swine.

Bitter, bitter oh to behould
The grasse to growe
Where the walls of Walsingam
So stately did shewe.

Such were the works of Walsingam
While shee did stand
Such are the wrackes as now do shewe
Of that so holy land.

Levell levell with the ground
The towres doe lye
Which with their golden, glitteringe tops
Pearsed once to the skye.

Where weare gates no gates are nowe,
The waies unknowen,
Where the press of peares did passe
While her fame far was blowen.

Oules do scrike where the sweetest himnes
Lately weer songe,
Toades and serpents hold their dennes
Wher the palmers did thronge.

Weepe, weepe O Walsingam,
Whose dayes are nightes,
Blessings turned to blasphemies,
Holy deeds to dispites.

Sinne is wher our Ladie sate,
Heaven turned is to hell,
Satham sittes wher our Lord did swaye,
Walsingam, oh farewell ! "

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pontifical Mass in the old Rite.

celebrated by the then Cardinal Ratzinger in 1999.

Archbishop reopens New Orleans Church

after dispute is resolved

Two days of discussions between archdiocesan and parish leaders in early April led to an agreement to reopen the parish for the next 18 months and established "benchmarks" that, if met, would keep the parish open beyond that.

The benchmarks included: increasing registered and participating parish households from 300 to 400; providing "full sacramental life ... with the appropriate sacramental programs" within the next six months, or having access to those programs in a neighboring parish; celebrating Mass "in fidelity to the church's liturgical directives immediately"; placing the parish's sacramental records in order within a month; and developing a plan for capital repairs to parish property by Dec. 31.

Olton Friary

on the market.

Part of the post-Conciliar catastrophe in monastic orders.

Yellow brick road instead of the Way of the Passion


Palm Sunday outside the Church of the Holy Family Lent 2003 had some unusual visitors. Here they are providing an alternative centre of attention at the Mass.

Just so that there is no doubt as to the identity of this strange crew, here they are from the front.

The cast from the Wizard of Oz.

And the munchkins came too, with what look like palm crosses.

In fact the whole Lenten theme had been the Wizard of Oz. A yellow brick road was installed in the Church.

The priest writes to justify himself.

"One of the all-time classics about the Journey of Life is The Wizard of Oz. Originally thought to be a children's story, it was soon recognized as a parable about life's journey, and for us this Lent of 2003, the Journey of our Lent whereby we are freely given by the Church yet another opportunity to "get on the road" and walk, run, skip, hop, mope, jog, or meander towards the mythical Emerald City. For symbols to have meaning, everyone has to almost subconsciously understand them. That's the beauty of The Wizard of Oz--we all do.

Each Lent we are plummeted out of spiritual drowsiness onto the Yellow Brick Road. "The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick, so you cannnot miss it." the story tells us. The story also enhances our Lenten journey, imitative of the Gospel, when it says "The land of Oz is surrounded by a great desert," and "You must walk through a countryside sometimes pleasant, sometimes dark and terrible." It makes you wonder if the author, L. Frank Baum, had been reading the Gospel while composing the story.

Every year, every Christian, just before steping onto the yellow brick road, is showered with ashes as a sign we know who we are with our weaknesses and shortcomings; we know the onceness and shortness of life; we are aware of our selfishness; and we promise to imitate Jesus on His journey from Nazareth up to Jerusalem (physically) to suffer and die and give us new life at the end of the road (spritually). We freely embrace the three simple, but necessary, practices of all religion, in our case elevated to a new level of significance by the example and demands of Jesus Himself."

He adds a prayer:

Prayer (deepening our own)
Fasting (mostly from immediate self-gratifying foods, liquor, pills, etc.)
Alsmgiving (giving large amounts to the poor, gouging our pre-calculated budgets).
Remember, all these practices are for our benefit, not God's (as we used to be taught). When Easter comes and we arrive at the end of the yellow brick road in the City of Emeralds, we will be the newer, the better, the rejuvenated, renewed persons.

He claims that the Frank Baum could have been reading the Gospel when writing Wizard of Oz. Originally a methodist, then episcopalian, he converted to theosophy in 1897. Three years later he wrote the Wizard of Oz. The only reference to a church in the Wizard of Oz is when Dorothy breaks a porcelain model of a church (likely to be an unconscious reference to Baum deserting episcopalianism.

Arrival in the Emerald City - otherwise known as the Reading of the Gospel and the congregation are forced to wear sun specs.

There is a clash of symbols, one set taken from the reality of the Passion of Christ and another from the fabulous world of the Wizard of Oz. Incredible that as the world is weary and exhausted with the constant bombardment of the phantasies of the modern media age, the Church wants to join in. It seems one of the effects of the Second Vatican Council has been to trap many parishes in an eternal 1969.

Troubles on the yellow brick road.

This is the best example ever of what Cardinal Arinze means by liturgies to order. But more than speeches on set piece occasions are need to bring the curtain down on these liturgical amateur dramatics.

As I was getting this story in order, In Illo Tempore commented

"I could while away the hours,
Conferrin' with the flowers,
Consultin' with the rain.
And my head, I'd be scratchin',
While my thoughts were busy hatchin',
If I only had a brain."

Exactly these liturgies are not only a waste of time, and an insult to humanity and more importanly God.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Image for Holy Week


Veneration of the Shroud of Turin

Mass in the living room this Easter


As the Church of St Martin, Roesbrugge,Belgium gets infected with a wood fungus that also endangers the electrical system. The priest however is not too distressed. He learnt in the Congo that all that was necessary for the Mass was a table- accidentally illustrating a truth that much of Europe is now missionary territory.

Its an everyday story

Humanity rather than Christ at the centre of the Passion. Click on the roman numerals to see these "modern stations".

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Father Al of Pennsylvania


demonstrates how not to encourage devotion towards the Body and Blood of Christ in the Mass.

Indian art in a Catholic Church in Canada.


No comment is necessary only horror.

Catholicism for sale to the state, mixed-up and resold as an "export article".


Cardinal Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn, the President of the Austrian Islamic Association, Anas Schakfeh and Austrian Chancellor Schuessel at a Press Conference. Schuessel claims that the excellence of religious tolerance in Austria makes it an "export article". For this "Christian Democrat" all that now matters is the tolerance product in the marketplace.

Life on The Rock:

A blog linking to Cathcon. The clocks at the top remind of the vow of St Alphonsus Ligouri "Never Waste Time!"

Palm Sunday in Brussels


Saturday, April 08, 2006

St. Brigid Catholic Church - San Francisco, California

"Friends of St. Brigid Town Hall Meeting, Tuesday, April 11 Private Agreement or City Landmarking for St. Brigid?"

French Bishops

more Catholic than the Pope when it comes to the Second Vatican Council

"Communion may be accompanied by questions, requests for precision or further reflection,' they indicated. 'It cannot tolerate a systematic rejection of the Council, criticism of its teaching, or denigration of the liturgical reform decreed by the council." {not clear here if the "systematic" applies to the whole sentence or just the first phrase}

In contrast the Pope as early as 1967

"It was this pessimism which made him dislike so much in Vatican II’s Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et Spes. Again and again, in his 1967 commentary on the Council’s work, Ratzinger declares that sections of the constitution are 'quite unsatisfactory'. The attitude which shaped Gaudium et Spes, he lamented, 'is not at all prepared to make sin the centre of the theological edifice'. Even Lumen Gentium, in its teaching on salvation outside the Church, he found 'extremely unsatisfactory', its formulation bordering on Pelagianism. The truth is that Aquinas, the Second Vatican Council, and liberation theology alike represent shifts away from Augustine in a semi-Pelagian direction – shifts which Ratzinger deplores as Utopian. "

Friday, April 07, 2006

Changes coming to St. Francis Seminary

A real achievement to spend 80,000 dollars a year each on training 23 people and 60 laity. And what has gone wrong with the parochial system that laity need training- well they do pay them in Belgium and elsewhere.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Lent in LInz, Austria

and the Bishop instead of preaching penitence commissions his first two environmental advisors.

To show the Austrian Dioceses are no longer is interested in souls; their Lent activity is called Car Fast- Autofasten. It even has a liturgical element. Save the planet by all means but don't forget your soul in the process.

Taken leave of his senses

Archbishop of Salzburg for Turkish entry to the EU. If God forbid this happens, the Turks have a guaranteed freedom of movement into Austria. How many Churches will they demand to turn into mosques?

Catholics can comfort themselves that all of the Archbishop's predecessors would disagree with him as does his own Auxillary Bishop Launer, who also is a highly vocal pro-life campaigner.

Cathcon is back. The Parish Church in Pichl bei Wels hosting a modern art exhibition EarthPlace. In the past, Catholic Churches were God's dwelling place on earth. But what is the past to these people?