Thursday, November 06, 2008

Burn up Mass

or how Confirmation is celebrated in Vienna

How Catholic money funded

Obama's community organising

Obama and Abortion


Latest Catholic video news!


Life will not go on

The leader of the US Catholic Church and their erstwhile ecumenical partners in the other ecclesiastical communities have created the conditions for abortion to continue.

Brilliant and depressing article.

Black Pope 'possible'

after Obama's White House win, US bishop says

What is the guy talking about? A black Pope is and has always been possible. Indeed, there have been three in history and further were prevented only by Muslim conquest.

This is also part of the old lie that the Church had to wait until Vatican II to be a global organisation.

A few weeks before the lifting of the excommunications

An article from the Sunday Times of June 1988, written by a spy who worked for Ian Fleming and an arch-progressive in Rome.

You cannot discuss ecumenism with Cathcon, until these issues are resolved.
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The Catholic Church in the United States of America since Vatican II

Priests in USA:
1930-1965 doubled to 58,000
since 1965: 45,000
Projection: by 2020: 31,000, half over 70

Priestless parishes:
1965: 1%
2002: 15%

Ordinations in USA:
1965: 1,575
2002: 450

1965: 49,000
2002: 4,700 ( -90%)

1965: 600
2002: 200

1965: 180,000
2002: 75,000, average age 68

Teaching nuns:
1965: 104,000
2002: 8,200 ( -94%)

1965: 3,559
2000: 389

Christian Brothers seminarians:
1965: 912
2000: 7

1965: 3,379
2000: 84

Catholic High Schools: -50%

Catholic Parochial Schools: -4,000

Catholic marriages: -33%

1968: 338
2002: 50,000

Mass attendance:
1958: 3 out of 4
2002: 1 out of 4

Lay religious teachers who agree with:
contraception: 90%
abortion: 53%
divorce and remarriage: 65%
missing Mass: 77%

Catholics aged 18-44 who don't believe in transubstantiation: 70%

A saint, he ain't


Following a veneration unheard of in politics, he is going to be hit with a wave of anger when such high hopes cannot be met.