Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When liturgical barbarians arrived in the Pope's home parish and Marktl-am-Inn cashes in.

A Warm Welcome to the Church where Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI was baptised.  Posted by Hello

We have a Pope Posted by Hello

This was the High Altar of the Church. But the liturgical barbarians arrived very early in Marktl and moved this altar into a side-chapel in 1967.  Posted by Hello

To replace it with this glorified fireplace.  Posted by Hello

A longer view of this Church, a victim of vicious post-conciliar iconoclasm.  Posted by Hello

Inside the Church, the celebration of the election of the Pope is a little tacky. "Secure in God's Hand".
Posted by Hello

But outside the Church, while there is not one religious item on sale, or indeed any books of the many books written by the Pope, the Papal election has become a commercial event.
THE Vatican bread, Ratzinger slices, Ratzinger tart. Original!  Posted by Hello

The Bakery recommends Posted by Hello

A few samples of Ratzinger slices Posted by Hello

Get your Pope Beer here! Posted by Hello

and your jam and honey. Posted by Hello

Papal Tart. Homemade, also take-away. Posted by Hello

The hills are alive with the sound of music. "The first performance of the Pope Benedict Song, with a Pilgrim Mass". Note not the other way around. Posted by Hello

New blog entry: Bakery offers Papal Headgear cake free for every customer. They seem to have forgotten that the Pope may have been born in their village but he is the Vicar of Christ.

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