Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Europe's demographic winter approaches

Now, the real dark ages arrive, not the myth of anti-Catholic polemic about the Middle Ages.

$5000 reward offered in church arson, vandalism - Local & Regional -

Another attack on a Church over Easter.

Catholic Faith and Politics

I am quoted on the religious affairs blog of the The Times.

Latin Masses returning to Chico

"For some tradition-loving Catholics, this Easter will be extra special in Chico."


Fire destroys Catholic Church


Link to news story.

Churches in post-war Germany were often precise copies of those destroyed by Allied bombing. Doubt if this will happen in this case.

A Belated Happy Easter to all Cathcon readers

on returb from retreat.

The Urbi et Orbi Benediction followed by a discussion of the imminent indult (sadly, in German). It includes an interview with the eminent traditionalist, Prof Dr Georg May.

German TV also said that it can now be seen what a great error it was to talk of a transitional Papacy.